Mantas Swimmers of the Month!

Announcing the Mantas February Swimmers of the Month

After a great weekend of racing, we finally have some time to award the February “Swimmers of the Month “!

The “Swimmer of the Month” will be given to an athlete in each training group; Novice, Age Group, and Senior, at the end of each month.   This will be the final award until May.

Criteria used to award these athletes are:

Practice Attendance

Attitude & Sportsmanship


Meet Participation

Congratulations to the Mantas Swimmers of the Month for February!


Novice – Kamryn Hoffman & Jada Sivertsen

Kamryn Hoffman

Kamryn is swimmer of the month for her hard work at practice.  She does not let her small frame get in her way.  She is one of three Novices swimmers that reached a "B" time standard. She had a great MRC’s meet!  She comes to practice and listens to her coaches and tries to use those comments to swim faster.  She smiles and she loves to push herself. Her favorite stroke is BUTTERFLY!  Great job Kamryn!


Jada Sivertsen

Jada comes to practice and works hard.  She had a great MAC meet!  She brings her own flippers to practice and never gives up.  She has grown since long course season, by pushing herself and now is swimming 50's and 100's in practice and meets.  Jada listens to her coaches in order to get faster.  She has a great attitude and smiles with her friends at practice!

I am so happy to have these two swimmers for Co-Swimmer of the Month of February.

Coach Paul     


Age Group – Tiana  Huynh

The Age Group Swimmer of the Month is Tiana Huynh. Tiana has worked very hard all season to reach her goals. Although being one of the smaller girls in her age group this has not stopped her from her goals. When Tiana isn't working hard in the pool you can usually catcher dancing on deck. It was hard to get a picture of her actually standing still! Practices with Tiana are always fun! Tana had a great MRC’s meet and has an event limit for State! Congrats Tiana and Good Luck!

Coach Daisy


Senior – Grace Busch

Grace is one of the hardest workers that we have ever had on the team.  With her hard work Grace has developed into a great leader.  Other swimmers look to Grace to lead the lane when they know tough sets are coming.  Grace has always had a positive attitude toward her swimming.  She has set goals and achieved them.  The best part about Grace is her persistence.  She always shows up and she never quits.  Through her work, her positive attitude, and her ability to always be there, Grace had a great MRC’s meet and is looking forward to success at State this weekend.  I am proud of Grace as a swimmer and a leader of this team. 

Coach Alex