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TYR Pro Swim Series - Atlanta
On March 1-3, THSC Swimmer Caspar Corbeau and Coach Christopher attended the TYR Pro Swim Series in Atlanta, GA. For a quick background, the Pro Swim Series has replaced the Grand Prix swim meets that many of you are already familiar with. The decision to have Caspar attend the Atlanta meet was in part because it allowed him to make a cut for the European Junior National Championship (for which he represents the Netherlands) and if everything went well, to qualify for the World Youth Olympics. The last THSC swimmer to represent THSC and their country at the WYOG was Patrick Mulcare, in 2012.
Caspar swam quite well, and despite some very questionable officiating, he managed to swim all best times and make the cuts necessary to attend the European Junior meet! It’s was also encouraging to see so many great swims back at home in Oregon at the OSI Region XII Senior meet along with the fast swimming in Atlanta. Way to go THSC!
It was also a fantastic opportunity as a coach to learn from some of the best swimmers and coaches in the sport. It’s not often that you are at a meet and every event (or just about) has an Olympic medalist or to see the top entry time as the World or American record. It was an opportunity for myself (Coach Christopher) to speak with coaches from around the country and at different levels (from Age Group, to Senior, to College, to Professional) and learn what they felt was important to creating a culture of and developing strong swimmers.
Overall, it was an extremely valuable trip and I was able to bring home quite a lot of useful knowledge that I’ve already started to speak with the coaches here about and figure out ways to incorporate that knowledge and those ideas into the THSC culture.