EST Post Banquet Items:

1)    A new EST Swim Board was voted in for the 2018 -2019 Fall season.   The board is:  Suzy Harrington-President; Loraine Walker and Tim Lisowski - Co-Vice presidents; Joan Bajda – secretary; Amy Belich - registrar; and Dorothy Sobocinska - treasurer.


2)    If you were a first year swimmer and did not get your plaque at the banquet and attended and haven’t emailed already – please email Coach Davis at  so we can get you a plaque made.  Please email by 3/21 so we can get the order in.



3)    If you didn’t attend the banquet and want your plaque (1st yr swimmers only) and/or year plate for your plaque and the team gift (all swimmers) – you can pick them up at the pool during any of the spring stroke clinic dates in May.


4)    Pre-Summer season swim in April at Leyden will be open to any swimmer who had an Indy, Regional or State Cut, or swimmers that are 10 and older and plan on swimming at the Notre Dame Long Course Meters swim meet in South Bend Mother’s Day weekend.  Please contact Coach Davis if you are interested at and send your check for $40 per swimmer to Coach Davis at York HS Aquatics - this is open to the first 40 swimmers.  Coach will let swimmers know at least 1 week prior if spots were available for your swimmer.  Checks are made out to:  Elmhurst Swim Team.  Dates are posted on the EST calendar.


5)    THANK YOU to all the families, coaches and swimmers for a successful season!