The Pleasanton Seahawks help Zone 2 win at the All-Star meet in Carson City!

Congratulations to the sixteen Pleasanton Seahawk swimmers that were selected to represent Zone two at the ‘Zone All-Star Developmental Championship Meet’.  Each March, Pacific Swimming holds an All-Star meet for  swimmers that have been selected to represent their zone from a qualifying meet.  The meet is for swimmers ages 14 and under to represent their zone  at the Zone All-Stars.  There are five zones in Pacific Swimming, Pleasanton Seahawks are in Zone 2.   Of the 64 total swimmers from all 5 zones, 16 were Seahawks.  The meet took place  in Carson City, Nevada on  March 3-4, 2018.  Representing the Pleasanton Seahawks at the Zone All-Stars:  Francesca Lin, age 8 with one new best time;  Madison Wainwright (8) 1BT;  Dylan Tambuwun (8) 2BT;  Kealan Tupper (8) 2BT;  Christopher Wang (8) 2BT;  Brooke Bennett (10);  Lillyanan Caples (10),  Sydney Goldstein (10) 2 BT;  Alexis Mesina(10);  Argun Saini (10) 2BT;  Kaitlin Lee(12);  Cynthia Li (12);  Florence Lin (12);  Yassin Dwidar (12) 1BT;  Hayden Tupper(12) 1BT and Ryan Kobayashi (14).  Congratulations to the Pleasanton Seahawks for being chosen to represent the Zone 2 All-Stars and for helping to lead Zone 2 to taking first place at the meet!