2018 Pre-Season Info

Welcome to the Flyers 2018 Pre-Season!!  There is a lot to share. The good news is, I will do my best to keep the emailing to a minimum. The bad news is, the emails, starting with this one, might end up a little on the long side. All informational emails will be posted in the “News” section of our website. Check for updates on the site often!

#1 Practices  -We heard you. Practice times are changing based on your feedback

May 29-June 15th :

13yo & up- 4:30p-5:30p

8yo & under- 5:30p-6:15p (correction from email)

9yo-12yo- 6:15p-7:15p

Starting June 18th :

13yo & up- 8a-9a

8yo & under- 9a-10a

Mini Team starts 9:00a, ends at 10:30a. See the Mini Team schedule according to the levels  HERE.

9yo-12yo- 10a-11a

            *We will be offering a 6p-7p practice starting June 18th. We only have two lanes approved for this time, so the details of how swimmers will sign up for this practice have not been worked out by the committee just yet. This practice time is not available for Mini Team swimmers. More to come...

#2 New Family Meeting-  Please share the attached flyer to any potential new swim team families that are interested in learning about the pool and our swim team. The new coach, Anthony, will be there.

Date:​ ​Sunday,​ April 8, 2018 from 2:00pm-4:00pm

Location:​ ​FSSTC Pool’s Tennis Pavilion

RSVP:​ Laura Mckay at

#3 Volunteer Positions - We have a few key volunteer positions that we are looking to fill ASAP.           

-Laura is in need of an assistant to help organize the volunteers for the season. This is a big job for 1 person. Please help her out!! If you are interested, please reach out to her . Please be aware that this will require attending Saturday and Monday meets.

-Mini Team Coordinator- We need someone who will be in charge of communication and organization of the Mini Team. This is a position ideal for someone that has a Mini Team swimmer.

-Photographers (3)- Throughout the season, take and/or compile a minimum of two photos of each swimmer in a chosen age group (8&U, 9-10, 11-12, 13-18, Mini Team) for use in slideshow and website. These volunteers MUST coordinate with one another to ensure that EVERY meet, Pep Rallies, and other team gatherings are covered.

-Slide Show Coordinator- Produce an entertaining one-hour musical slideshow using digital photos taken throughout the season and/or collected from photo coordinators; play on giant screen at end-of-year party. 8 credits/season.

-Please see the schedule for the various clinics offered by the NVSL for positions that require/need training (Stroke&Turn Judge, Chief Timer, Referee/Starter, Clerk-of- Course, Table Administration, etc)

#4 Coaches - We are happy to announce that Coach Ashley has decided to return as assistant coach this season! We are currently in the process of possibly deciding on the 2nd assistant coach right now as well, so stay tuned. We have also reduced the age for our paid Junior Coaches to 15!! Please reach out to Coach Anthony at if you are interested in being a Junior Coach. If you have been one for the Flyers before, please be sure to indicate that!

#5 Meet Schedule - Welcome to Division 11!

The following schedule is for the NVSL meets:

June 23rd- FS @ Poplar Heights

June 30th- FS@ Old Keene Mill

July 7th- Laurel Hill @ FS

July 11th- Relay Carnival @ South Run

July14th- Fairfax Club Estates @ FS (Senior Day)

July 21st- FS @ South Run

July 28th- Divisionals @...........FAIRFAX STATION!!!!

The following schedule is for Monday Night Meets:

June 25th- Daventry @ FS

July 2nd- FS@ Rolling Forest

July 9th- FS@ Crosspointe

July 16th- Rolling Valley @ FS

July 23rd- Old Keene Mill @ FS

Please make every effort to have your swimmer available for EVERY meet! You never know what might happen. Illnesses. Injuries. Every swimmer has the potential to be called upon to represent the team!

#6 Scholarships-  Every year the NVSL award scholarships to graduating high school swimmers and/or divers. Please check out the scholarship site HERE if you have a senior swimmer this season. The deadline for scholarship applications is June 29th.

#7 Committee - Your 2018 Swim Committee

Susan Weatherbee- Team Rep

Alex Peck- Assistant Team Rep

Gary Lhommedieu- Treasurer

Tiffany Royce- Pool Board Rep

Laura McKay-Volunteer Coordinator

Donna Sisson- Monday Night Coordinator

This season has 2 goals: to have lots of fun, and to kick some butt while having fun. There will be no tolerance for fun-suckers!! Let’s Go Flyers!!


Susan Weatherbee

2018 Team Rep