2018-2019 Updated Swim School Policy
Gulliver Swim School Policy Agreement
There will be no refunds, credits or make-ups for any missed sessions. If your child has a medical reason for missing class session for the duration of two weeks or more, please contact the Gulliver Swim School office for assistance, (a doctor’s note will be required). There are no refunds, credits or make-ups for missed classes due to reasons out of Gulliver Swim School's control. If the cancelation is due to lightning and inclement/severe weather, the swimmer is welcome to use the drop-in class session option. Sessions are offered weekly (please email swim school director for the weekly schedule at least 1 day prior desired date (changes apply). In case your child misses the drop-in class session scheduled, there will not be another opportunity, unless the parent/guardian registers for another drop-in class session.
During cold weather months, our swim school will not offer pre-school classes if the temperature is 60°F or below. Upper school classes will be offered at any temperature, unless the water temperature is 78°F or bellow. Please note that in case of severe weather during class, (Thorguard alarm); we will consider a 15 minute session a full class. In the instance for shutdowns caused by health and safety considerations, such as fecal or vomiting incidents, a credit for the value of the cancelled lesson will be posted to your account. Fecal and vomiting incidents are a frustration and inconvenience to everyone. Parents/Guardians must take steps to ensure that these incidents are kept to an absolute minimum, including keeping their child out of the water when the child is ill, and the use of baby’s water proof diapers.
In order to maintain an optimal learning environment, it may be necessary to change a student's class assignment and/or instructor. While we do our best to match a student with a class appropriate to his/her level, it may happen that a student is placed in a class that is not an ideal fit. All possible avenues will be exhausted to rectify the situation. Our instructor to swimmer ratio for our SwimFit sessions is 1:20, parent & tot is 1:12, group is 1:4, semi-private is 1:2 and private is 1:1. The group sessions that do not fill to a minimum of 3 students per class after the first week of each month, may be cancelled/rescheduled. The parent will have the choice to accept either a new class session schedule, or pay a different fee for private or semi-private sessions if the choice is to remain on the current schedule. The schedule will be confirmed by one of our supervisors/instructors.
Children who are not yet potty-trained must wear a re-usable or disposable swim diaper. These are available for purchase in the office or online store
Plastic training pants or regular diapers are NOT allowed. No regular diapers are allowed under the swim diaper as these become saturated and weigh the child down.

Gulliver Swim School reserves the right to change its policies and procedures at any time without prior notice to ensure quality and service.
I have read and agree to the general and written policies and fee schedule as stated above.
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