DBS News from the Pool

Wow, it’s hard to believe we are nearly through the first quarter of 2018.  Our first long course meet, April 21-22, is coming up and this is one of our mandatory home meets, and we would like to reviews some of our policies:

Meet Fees:

Reminder: We have 3-4 mandatory home meets each year; in 2018 the Cannonballs for Kayne Invitational, Spring Invitational, and Lochte Classic are those meets. What that means to you if your swimmer chooses not to attend you will still be assessed the meet fee of $35 per swimmer.  Billing will occur the Friday before the meet.

This policy was adopted years ago to get rid of the $100/swimmer fundraising commitment.  Parents agreed that watching their swimmer was better than fundraising and these meets take the place of fundraising and also allows your child to compete against other swimmers from around Florida without having to travel to an away meet – saving you time and money!  However, we do encourage participation in away meets.  


We cannot run a meet without the help of every family!  Yes, that means each of you! 

If you have a swimmer in the pool, you are expected to volunteer at the meet, and this doesn’t mean sign up to volunteer and never show up.  We CANNOT do this without you.  For every swimmer you have on the team, you must provide one volunteer during the session your child is swimming.  We are happy to have you for all sessions, but you are only required to work the session within which your child is swimming.  We have sign ups leading up to each meet with plenty of opportunities to help out.  If you do not volunteer each day your swimmer participates, you will be assessed a fee of $25 per day, per child.  (Example – two swimmers on days one and two with no volunteer hours – you’ll be charged $100).  Signing up to bring an item to the meet does NOT count as volunteer hours.  While that is fantastic and we appreciate donations to alleviate us having to purchase items for our meets, it doesn’t help fill positions we must fill to run our meets.  

We have many families that spend countless hours on the pool deck, often when they don’t have swimmers in the pool, to ensure our meets are a success!  We appreciate their hard work and dedication to Daytona Beach Swimming, but we need to have more participation from all of our families.  You will be receiving an email soon to begin signing up to volunteer.  Some of the positions will be set up before the meet (Friday afternoon), break down after the meet (Sunday after the meet), timers, runners, concessions, etc.  Please plan on helping.

If you have any questions please, contact Jennifer or Natalie at

High School Conditioning Program 

We’d also like to clarify one of our swim programs as there has been some confusion on what the program entails. The High School Conditioning Program is a program for swimmers in high school that wants to continue training once the high school swim season has concluded, but without making the intense commitment to year-round swimming expected of our Senior group (10-12 hours of training per week both in the water and dry land).  With the high school conditioning program, there are THREE practices per week (MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY) for ONLY ONE HOUR – cost $75 per month per swimmer.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that because your child is in high school they are automatically in the High School Conditioning Program. 

Examples: If your high school swimmer is in the water more than three hours a week they are not considered to be in the High School Conditioning Program.  If your child swims Monday, Wednesday, Saturday they are not in the High School Conditioning Program.  If your child swims Tuesday, Thursday, Friday they are not in the High School Conditioning Program.

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the program feel free to talk with Coach Steve.