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LHY 12/under Long Course/Spring Clinic

Below is the info for our Long Course Season & Spring Clinic.  Swimmers assigned to groups 5-8 have the option to chose to compete and sign up for the Long Course season (April-July) or to just sign up for Spring (April-early June).  If a swimmer is signed up for the LC season, he/she will be entered into LC meets when they become available.  LC meets close out very quickly, so there will not be a very long time to decline a meet.  If a swimmer signs up just for the Spring, he/she is ineligible for competitions.

At this time, we only have the info for the 12/unders (age as of 12/1/18).  For those aging up to 13 next short course season, you will be assigned to a group with the 13/olders that train at Drew.  When the info is available, it will be emailed out to you.  I am still waiting on contracts from Drew.

Anyone not on the 2017-2018 short course team will need to contact Greg for an evaluation ASAP.

Registration begins April 5th for LHY Swim Team Families.

12/under LC/Spring Info

12/under Group Assignments by Swimmer