BASH Update



As we come to the end of our winter season, a few items of information for everyone.

  1. We will restart spring/summer on Monday, April 16 – close to our current schedule, and go until July 15. We swim outside in the middle of May and then switch to the summer schedule end of May/first of June.
  2. Dolphin group will have a 6 week session, April 16 to May 24 and another in June- July. The Monday Dolphin group has their last swim today, Monday, March 12, 2018.
  3. Swimmers returning from winter team will have a small fee to swim, new swimmers to the team will pay a larger amount.  Returning swimmers Please log into our website and sign up.   
    1. Returning winter swimmers in Senior 1-2-3 and AG 1 will be charged $90 for the spring summer
    2. Returning winter swimmers in AG 2-3-4 will be charged $60 for the spring summer.
  4. Tryouts for new swimmers starting have started, with schedule on website – try out tab. More dates to follow.
  5. NEW swimmers to the spring summer will pay the following for the season at the Main Desk at the YMCA. Also will have to do the team registration in addition to these fees--
    1. Senior 1 -$390
    2. Senior 2 - $300
    3. Senior 3 - $265
    4. AG 1 - $280
    5. AG 2 - $225
    6. AG 3 - $215
    7. AG 4 -$170
  6. Swim Team Banquet is schedule for Sunday, April 15, details on the team website soon along with sign up online.
  7. Important dates for the summer swim meets
    1. Senior Meet & Age Group Challenge May 18-20
    2. Summer Classic at Miami U – June 8-10
    3. BASH Wednesday Night Last Chance – June 27
    4. Summer Y LC Championships – July 13 -15
    5. LC YMCA Nationals – July 30- August 3
  8. Splash Banquet, Sunday, May 6 in Covington KY. A banquet for Y swim teams from Greater Cincinnati, we will nominate swimmers for awards and all will be recognized. At the banquet we host a Silent Auction – thus we need items to auction. If you have items, services, extra tickets to events, etc., please consider making a donation. We are also looking for sponsors of the banquet, specific awards, etc. Contact Coach Bill if you have a donation or would consider sponsoring.
  9. TEAM PICTURES have arrived and are ready for pick up at the Main Desk in the Main Building
  10. Lost and Found – We have a BASH parka and a bag of art supplies (found at AA championships)
  11. Picking up your medals and ribbons – we have folders in the exercise room in the Ferris building jammed full of awards from this past winter – please stop and pick up!