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2018 NW Region Age Group Championships!!!
This past weekend at the 2018 Northwest Region Age Group Championship in Federal Way was an exciting weekend full of great swims and an all-around great atmosphere. There were many barriers broken including best times, new standards achieved, final
placing, and overall many goals were accomplished. More importantly, swimmers were excited for their teammates’ success and rallied around each other throughout the entire weekend. A job well done!
500 Free
Kevin Yu – 3rd (our first point scorer!)
Alice Yueh – 5th (first time scoring at NWAG)
Katherine Adams – 6th (first time scoring at NWAG)
Natalie Young – 7th
Elisabeth Sanger – 8th
Diego Nosack – 2nd (1st time under 5 min barrier and highest placing at NWAG)
Fay Lustria – 2nd
400 Free Relay
11-12y girls = 4th
13-14y Girls =2nd
13-14y Boys = 2nd & 8th (both A&B relay scored!)
400 IM
Katherine Adams – 4th
Natalie Young – 6th
Fay Lustria – 1st (first event win of the weekend!)
Diego Nosack – 1st place (first time winning an event at Regionals)
Angus Corbeau – 6th
Neeraj Javadekar – 1st place (first time winning an event at Regionals)
100 Back
David Romashenko- 4th
Cadence Johnston 7th
Kevin Lei – 5th
Quinn Katayama- Stall - 6th (first senior sectional & futures cut)
200 Fly
Adrienne Tam – 1st (new senior sectional cut)
Natalie Young – 6th (new senior sectional cut)
Diego Nosack – 4th
Fay Lustria – 2nd
50 Free
Stephanie Lee – 2nd
100 Breast
Thomas Downey- 4th
Julien Lee- 5th
Katherine Adams – 4th (1st final swim at Regionals)
Jessica Maeda – 1st (new team record & new Junior National Cut!)
Angus Corbeau – 3rd (1st time under 1:00)
Brendon Fang – 8th
200 Medley Relay
11-12 Girls – 2nd
11-12 Boys – 6th
13-14 Girls – 2nd
13-14 Boys – 4th
200 Medley Relay
10u Boys – 1st (smashing our old team record & becoming our first relay winners of the meet!)
400 Medley Relay
11-12 Girls - 3rd
11-12 Boys - 8th
13-14 Girls - 1st
13-14 Boys - 3rd
50 Fly
David Romashenko 7th
Adrienne Tam 5th
200 Breast
Katherine Adams – 3rd
Diego Nosack – 4th
Jessica Maeda – 1st (Team Record!)
Angus Corbeau – 6th
50 Back
David Romashenko 3rd
Kevin Yu – 5th
Adrienne Tam – 5th
100 Free
Stephanie Lee – 1st (Team Record!)
Natalie Young – 3rd
Alice Yueh – 8th  (1st final swim)
Kevin Lei – 2nd place
Hannah Trainer – 5th (New Senior Sectional Cut)
200 IM
Kevin Yu – 7th
Stephanie Lee – 4th
Kevin Lei – 6th
Fay Lustria – 2nd
Jessica Maeda – 7th
Neeraj Javadekar – 1st (First event win at NWAG)
200 Free Relay
10u Boys - 6th
11-12 Girls – 4th
11-12 Boys – 7th
13-14 Girls – 2nd
13-14 Boys – 4th
50 Breast
Thomas Downey – 3rd
Julien Lee – 6th
200 Back
Neeraj Javadekar – 4th
100 Fly
David Romashenko – 7th
Adrienne Tam – 3rd
Fay Lustria – 2nd
Hannah Trainer – 8th
200 Free
Alastair Webster – 5th (first final of the meet)
Kevin Yu – 3rd
Stephanie Lee – 1st
Natalie Young – 3rd
Elisabeth Sanger – 6th (first final of meet)
Diego Nosack – 3rd
Fay Lustria – 3rd
Hannah Trainer – 6th
Kevin Park – 8th (first final of the meet)
Neeraj Javadekar – 8th
Stephanie Lee – 3rd
1650 Free
Frankie Sanger – 7th
Katherine Adams – 2nd
Natalie Young – 4th
Alice Yueh – 8th
Diego Nosack – 1st (First Senior Sectional Cut!)