College Day @ the U Set for April 14th

ROSE PARK, SLC — The much anticipated SWAMI College Day @ the U—which has now become close to an annual event given it's been hosted three out of the past four years—is set for Saturday, April 14th, 2018 for all Race Swami members who wish to attend.

Attendees range in ages 8 to 17 and a record 70 swimmers are expected to attend the special event, which is part of Race Swami's quickly growing Enrichment Program. The College Day @ the U, which is hosted on the University of Utah campus, includes a number of age-appropriate and gender-appropriate workshops, college-inspired class subjects (this year includes architecture and design, a Science course, #Metoo, Now What?, The Dream Center, and Red, White & U Day), as well as tours of the campus.

The event is designed and directed by Swami Board member and Co-founder, Mary Chris Finnigan, with the help of Dr. Ed Muñoz, who is Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies and Sociology and the Chair of the Ethnic Studies Division at the U.

In past years, the feedback from swimmers and parents has been awesome. "I always love how our program provides more for our kids than just swimming," said one Swami parent, who has two swimmers on the team. "There is so much offered academically speaking... so many opportunities from a scholastic standpoint. It's a hige asset to opur kids, especially when they don't have opportunities like this at school."

Junior Swami Jaquelin Castrejon (age 13) added, "even though it means we get to miss Saturday morning practice, we really do get a lot out of this day so it makes it totally worth it. A day like this really does get me interested in going on to college after I finish high school, because it;s so interesting and campus life seems really cool."

The event is free to all members.