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Volunteer Sign-Up FINAL REMINDER

FINAL REMINDER that 2018 Meet Volunteer sign-up sheets are open as of Sunday, April 1st. (No fooling!)

Some reminders and tips:

  • Every family MUST volunteer a minimum of 15 hours, plus one shift at Divisionals unless you paid the $175.00 opt-out fee when you registered. Sign up EARLY, and try to work a little at each meet. Volunteering is the best way to make new friends.
  • If you are a NEW family, spend some time with the volunteer information under the Parent tab of the website. Most families get started as a Timer or Recorder. If you are unsure of a job that would be a good fit, or have concerns of how you could possibly work at a Swim Meet AND herd your kids, we can advise...send us an email for help
  • If you sign up for something, then realize you can't do it, please go back into the sheet and remove yourself so another can take the spot. (SUPER IMPORTANT!)
  • Sometimes volunteer needs may shift as the season progresses, or based on host-team needs when we are the visiting team. Our Volunteer Coordinator may reassign jobs as needed to cover all positions.
  • Additional volunteer opportunities will become available as we put together other events such as end-of-season party, spirit nights, etc.
  • We happily accept older siblings home from College who have been voluntold. 
  • Swim Meets are purposely long, hot and and boring for those who don't volunteer.

To volunteer, make sure you are signed into the website, and access the meet volunteer page associated with each meet. The easiest way to do this is from the 2018 Meet Schedule Page and click the Volunteer for Meet link next to each meet. (See screen shot below.)