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JOs Day One

We had a fantastic first day of Junior Olympics!  

Emily Mueller: placed second overall in the 400IM for prelims with a time drop off 13 seconds. She will be swimming finals. And man was it a race!!! It was super exciting to watch because she p caught up during breast then started challenging the number one seeded swimmer all the way to the end. Emily dropped an additional 6 seconds giving her a new time of 4:48. Oh and did I mention she also set a new team record for the 11-12 girls 400IM.

Tiare Holokahi: achieved a new best time of 5:16.8 dropping 12 seconds in her 400IM solidifying a second swim in finals and placed 9th over in the girls 11-12 400IM. She also dropped another second in this event during finals. 

Will Bulris: all he needed was a legal swim to make finals for the 400IM. He placed 8th in prelims. And dropped 19 seconds from his morning swim to his finals swim. And he also moved up in the ranking from 8th to 5th place overall. 

Saya Spells: gained a new best time in her 100 free!  She is now pay off the sub minute club!  Whoop whoop! Saya swam the 100 breaststroke leg in the girls 400 IM relay.  

Alex Bulris sat on her times today in the 100 free and 100 back but picked it back up and helped on the fly leg of the 13-14 girls 400IM relay and dropped two seconds in her 1000 free.

Emma Gioia had strong swims but the times were not showing that. But otherwise smart swimming fromher. She also helped lead the 400IM girl relay into a 9th place victory for our team. 

Rachel Lin didn’t drop in her 100 free. But she evenly split her race which was what we were going for. Rachel finished the girls 13-14 400IM relay.

11-12 girls relay

A relay: Ava B., Emily M., Isabel O., and Tiare H. 4th overall in the 400IM. T stayed of the race with back, Em knocked out the breast,  Ava flew during the fly leg and Isabel finished off the race with free.  They are only one second away from the Far Western cut for this relay. 

B relay: Carolyn M., Amelia D., Carina R., and Johanna C. Placed 16th overall but placed sixth in their heat. Way to go ladies.  And shoot to Carolyn for making the trek out to Folsom to help out our relay team. 

Ava Bautista did awesome in her 100 back dropping two seconds giving her a second swim in finals for this event. She placed 5th overall for the 11-12 girls 100 back. 

Isabel Ormonde: did great in her 100 free giving her possibly a second chance to swim it again in finals but we did not get to see that.  But awesome swims from Isabel today.

Amelia Doran: dropped a lot of time in her 200 breast giving her a new time of 2:54! Nice!

Johanna Cheek: also rocked it her events today as well!  It is hard to drop time in all your events when you just swam these events a little over two weeks ago. 

Carina Rivera: did not have the day she was hoping for… She was around her time in all her events today.  She still had two more days to get things done. 

Bianca Hamtig: today was her very time at Junior Olympics!  She also dropped time in her events today. Way to go! 

Alessandra Comier: was a little jumpy on the start for her 100 back stroke but got it together in her breaststroke event.

Richard Lin: he had a chance to do a second swim for the 200 free from not having the results he wanted in prelims. He clinched a 4th place finish,  dropped 4 seconds and got a new team record for the 9-10 boys 200 free. He also was second alternate for the 50 back but unfortunately everyone wanted to swim this event. Placing 12th overall for this event.

Jag Dewit: this was his first time going to finals!  He placed 10th in prelims for the 9-10 boys 100 fly and move up to 8th place even though he didn't drop time. He also had another second swim in the 100 breast. He placed 5th overall. Much better on splitting this race the second time around. 

Today is only day one of the meet. We did well as a team but we can always do better. There is always room for improvement.  If you're heading up to Folsom tomorrow be prepared to bring a lot of dry towels and swimmers we must take care of ourselves in between our swims by staying warm, hydrating/eating right and warming up and cooling down after each event. 

We have the mighty 8 and unders coming tomorrow along with 10 and under relays beginning tomorrow.  Excited for the additional swimmers heading or way!