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JOs Day Two

So Coach Grace is a knucklehead….

I missed Mia Cruz in my recap for Friday. But she did awesome.  Killed it in the 100 breast and gained a new best time. In her backstroke we did not have the swim we wanted but we most definitely bounced back. Way to go Mia!!!

11-12 Relay 400 free
A Relay: Emily M., Ava B., Isabel O., and Tiare H. Girls went a blistering 4:00.11! They're one second away from the far western cut in this relay. Have feeling we will see this group of girls at SWAGR going for the Far Western cut. Placed 6th overall.
B Relay: Carina R., Johanna C., Carolyn M., Amelia D. Girls finished 13th overall. Carolyn and Amelia went a lifetime best in their portion of the race.  

13-14 Relay 400 free
A Relay: Rachel L., Emma G., Saya S., Elaina C. Elaina Craig is another swimmer who came for relays only today to help support our team.  Thank you Elaina for making the trek. She also went a best time in her leg of the race.  Overall the girls placed 9th for their age group.  

500 free
We have three gentleman swimming this event today: Michael Maggiore, Richard Lin and Zeke Pittman.

Mike M. was first up out of the two and knocked his current time down by six seconds giving him a new best time of 5:31.45! It especially became a race the last 100 where he was racing the kid in lane 5 giving the kid a run for his money. Very exciting to watch! Zeke unfortunately missed race and was super bummed. He thought he was suppose to swim in lane one 1 but he was truly supposed to swim in lane 10. He won't make that mistake again.

Richard dropped over 2 seconds giving him a new time of 6:19.75 and placing 3rd in the timed finals for the boys 9-10 500 free.

200 Backstroke
Tiare was the only swimmer from our team in this event.  Here are her splits 33/37/38/38 giving her a new time of 2:25.9 and securing a second swim in finals! Went into finals 4th place overall and came out of finals 3rd place!  And dropped two and a half seconds. New time is 2:23.32.

100 Backstroke
This is day two of Bianca first appearance at Junior Olympics and is doing great! And she dropped another two seconds! With splits of 42/44. Not too shabby. 

100 Breaststroke
Amelia Doran came in first in her heat dropping 3 seconds giving her a new time of 1:22.
Johanna Cheek dropped under a second with a new time 1:20!
Will Bulris gained on this but placed 12th overall for his age group
Saya Spells she say on her time. Want the swim we were looking for. 
Michael Maggiore 3 seconds drop!  He almost perfectly split this event.  35/36 and he just looked strong out there. 

50 Breaststroke
Alessandra Comier sat on her time. She is learning about how crucial it is to warm up and swim down.  
Mia Cruz dropped a few tenths and we will take it! 44 seconds us get new time. 
Jag Dewit sat on his time but placed 11th overall. Almost snuck into finals. 

25 Breaststroke
The only mighty 8 year old Alexa Pittman tackling this event! She dropped two seconds! 23.59 is her new time and was in 4th place in her heat. 

200 Butterfly
Emily Mueller all Em needed to do was have a legal swim in the 200 fly.  Which she did and is seeded 4th for finals. And wow what a swim!!! She killed it from this morning and dropped 12 seconds! She jumped from 4th place to 2nd place. Sweet! 

50 freestyle
Mia Cruz say on her time. She was feeling pretty overwhelmed and tired having to swim all her events back to back. 
Jag Dewit sat on his time. We will need to work on breath control for this event because we were pretty liberal with our breathing. He is learning allot about strategy this meet. 
Richard Lin sat on his time but it was good enough to sneak into finals. He placed 2nd in finals! 

100 IM
Emily Mueller dropped 3 seconds in this event and looked good. Good enough to get into 7th place and come back for a second swim in finals. In finals she held her 7th place spot and dropped a tenth from this morning. 
Ava Bautista sat on her time after a nice one hour nap. Can't blame her for taking a nap since she had been doing so well. 
Will Bulris did not have the best performance on this event but has an opportunity to come back and fix some things. Held his spot of 7th place and his swim was much better from this morning. 
Mia Cruz dropped a second which was awesome. 
Jag Dewit gained on this. It is very hard to adjust with warming down and up when you have events back to back. Not enough time in between to rest. 

50 Backstroke
Isabel Ormonde dropped six seconds! 
Johanna Cheek got around her best time. 
Ava Bautista sat on her time but was able to score a finals swim and placed 6th overall. 

200 IM relay
13-14 Girls
Bk: Elaina Craig Br: Rachel Lin Fly: Emma Gioia Fr: Saya Spells
The girls came in 5th place for their heat with a time of 2:10.48. They did 4.5 seconds better than what was predicted. 

11-12 Girls Relay
A Relay Bk: Ava Bautista Br: Emily Mueller Fly: Isabel Ormonde Fr: Tiare Holokahi 
These girls made the Fast Western cut!!!! And placed 5th overall in the relays! 2:04.55! 

B Relay Bk: Johanna Cheek Br: Amelia Doran Fly: Carina Rivera Fr: Carolyn Monette
These girls did awesome! Johanna, Carina and Carolyn all received best times in their leg of the race. Did 20+ seconds better then what was predicted. 

10 Girls Relay
Bk: Mia Cruz Br: Alessandra Comier Fly: Bianca Hamtig Fr: Evangelina Garcia
The girls finished second in their heat! All had a best time for their leg of the race and did 20+ seconds better than expected. 

10 Boys Relay
Bk: Richard Lin Br: Zeke Pittman Fly: Jag Dewit Free: Andrew Bulris
So the boys did 14 seconds better then predicted. And placed 2nd in their heat! 

Mile Swim
Tiare Holokahi averaged 1:07 per hundred giving her a time of 18:31. She dropped 37 seconds and placed 1st overall. Way to go T!