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JOs Day Three

500 free
Carina Rivera: had an awesome first half of the swim but didn't have enough gas for the back half of the race. So she didn't have the swim she was looking for. 
Tiare Holokahi: all she needed to do was sit on her time during prelims in order to get a second swim in this race which T did beautifully. She held 33/34 pace per 50 and only added half a second on her time. She is 4th going into finals. AND SHE FINISHED FIRST! Dropping another 13 seconds from prelims. What a beast! 
Alex Bulris: She dropped 11 seconds giving her a new best time 5:32. She was holding 33’s and I think with this time she will be able to sneak into finals… And she does! Dropped a few seconds and held 9th.

200 IM
Carina Rivera: splits 37/43/48/38 not too shabby but not the outcome we were wanting. She placed 9th in her heat. 
Tiare Holokahi: and T made it to finals again! She dropped a little over 2 seconds and is seeded 9th heading into finals.  Man it is hard swimming an awesome 500 free and then within 10 minutes turn around to do the 200 IM. She placed 10th and did the best she could. 
Isabel Ormonde: gained a little bit but still a solid swim. 
Ava Bautista: gained a little bit but still a solid swim. 
Will Bulris: he  just needed to sit on his time to make finals.  He added 3+ seconds to his time but still managed to seed 10th in prelims. Dropped 3 seconds from prelims and moved up to 8th place. 
Saya Spells: her turns were shaky but managed to drop a second. 
Alex Bulris: She sat on her time and that was all she needed to get into finals! Again it is hard to swim the 500 free and do this race with less than 10 minutes in between races. She placed 9th overall. 
Aaron Lee: his first appearance here at Jos for this weekend. And he dropped over half a second. 
Micheal Maggiore: sat on his time. He went out a little too fast on his fly. 
Richard Lin: he sat on his time but it was enough to get into finals! Got a best time and placed 7th.
Jag Dewit: he dropped a lot of time!  A whole 8 seconds! It is a possibility that he made it to finals. Say on his time from prelims and placed 10th.

100 fly
Emily Mueller: she dropped some time in this event and she will see a second swim. She got a chance to drop even more time in finals and placed 4th. Oh and did I mention she broke a team record? 
Ava Bautista: dropped a second and she too will be going to finals! She dropped from this morning’s prelims and placed 7th overall. 
Micheal Maggiore: dropped a few milli seconds and we will take that! 

50 fly
Mia Cruz: gained a little on this but her first 25 looked awesome. Great tempo and hips were up but was not able to maintain it for the second 25 of the race. 
Richard Lin: sat on his time from this morning but he got into finals. In finals he went a best time and placed 7th!

50 breast
Emily Mueller: dropped 3 seconds!  Woohoo!
Amelia Doran: dropped a little under two seconds. Nice! 
Johanna Cheek: dropped a second!  Sweet

200 free
Saya Spells: dropped 2 seconds. Nice swim! 
Alex Bulris: She is going to finals!!! In finals, she had a strong swim and placed 10th.
Carina Rivera: although she gained this event was by fast her best showing for today. 
Tiare Holokahi: was a little of her best time. But made it into finals. Dropped from this morning and placed 5th.

100 free
Mia Cruz: sat on her time but she split the race well. 
Jag Dewit: was off of his best time but a few tenths. Was a little stiff his 3rd 25.
Richard Lin: sat on his time but got into finals! And in finals he ended his weekend with a new time and a 5th place finish. 

50 free
Emily Mueller: dropped a tenth. 
Ava Bautista: sat on her time. 
Will Bulris: sat on his time. 
Saya Spells: got around hey best time
Rachel Lin: dropped a tenth. 
Michael Maggiore: dropped the tenths
Robert Strang: sat on his time
Aaron Lee: sat on his time

200 free relay

11-12 girls

A Relay: Tiare, Emily,  Ava and Isabel 
Missed the far western cut by 4 tenths!!!! Placed 5th overall for the relays. 
B Relay: Johanna, Carolyn, Carina and Amelia
These girls averaged around 30 seconds each. Giving everyone new best times! 

10 and under

A Relay: Mia, Bianca, Evangelina, and Alessandra
Poor Alessandra’s goggles came off during her portion of the relay but she still rocked it! The girls finished first in their heat by a huge lead! 

A Relay:   Andrew,  Richard, Jag and Ezekiel
The boys did great!  Finished first in their heat.