YMCA Nationals - Day 2 Schedule! Let's Rock the Blocks Mudcats!!

Hi Mudcat families~


It was a great first day of competition for our National Team here in Greensboro!!  We want to send a big shout-out to each of the 5 athletes on some awesome swimming, and we’re looking forward to another fantastic day today!!



Below you will find a list of who is swimming today and the estimated time of the event. You can catch all of the Prelims action streaming live on your computer or phone on the front page of USA Swimming:


There is a Boy’s Pool and a Girl’s Pool….each one should have it’s own feed once the meet is up and live.



There is also a Time Trial session each day at Nationals that begins immediately after the morning session. There is a separate set of challenging qualifying times required to be able to swim in Time Trials.  These sessions will not be live-streamed, but we’ll keep you updated on the great swims in the afternoons as well!


Thanks for tuning in if you’re able and helping us cheer our Mudcats on from Columbia!  



Nathan Williams

Event #304 – 400IM

Heat 6, Lane 2

Projected Start Time:  9:52am


Wyatt Boyer

Event #304 – 400IM

Heat 9, Lane 6

Projected Start Time:  10:05am


JJ Hardy

Event #306 – 200 Free

Heat 8, Lane 1

Projected Start Time:  10:37am




Thursday Time Trials 


Wyatt Boyer – 200 Free

Ben Hawkins - 200 Free

Nathan Williams – 200 Free




Have Fun and Swim Fast Mudcats!!