Get Your Officials ready now!

 Swim season is right around the corner. If you are in charge of recruiting and training officials you need to keep reading!

Tip number 1: Secure your Officials early before the season starts.  As soon as May hits everyone is busy.  Get them signed up for the meets they are going to work.  Then add the new people you recruit into the mix or let them shadow. 

Tip number 2: Make sure your ref/starter are experienced, have practiced and are NSL Certified. It’s a good idea to have all these officials practice during swim practice, or during your preseason mock meet.  Many clubs use an apprentice system where you have a more experienced person with a new officials shadowing them at these events so they can discuss what they are seeing and will feel confident at a meet. 

Tip number 3: Make sure your Ref and Starter have printed copies of the “Starter Meeting” notes and the “Stroke and Turn” Meeting notes from the Meet Director.  The Starter will hold the meeting for the timers and the Referee will hold the meeting for the Stroke and Turn judges.

Tip number 4: Make sure the Ref and Starter know when and where the pre meet meeting will be held.  If you have the same Starter and Ref working the second session, make sure you have built in time for them to finish the first session, have a break/lunch, and host the meetings for the second session.

Reminder if you are the VISITING team you must provide 2 CERTIFIED Stroke and Turn Judges PER session.

If you are the HOME team you are responsibe for providing the following CERTIFIED positions:

1-Asst Starter (this person uses the iPhone to advance the heats and keeps up with empty lanes.)
2 Stroke and turn
2 more stroke and turn who can jump in and do early take off for relays only (or if you find one you can assign your starter to do one end and the one to do the other. The other team will usually have someone to help, but you've got to ask day of the meet BEFORE it begins and then make sure your ref/starter waits until they are in place before starting the relays)