May Swimming

The May schedule is a little complicated, but we will make the most of it and we will be off to a great summer season.  Practices will be Monday through Thursday.

6th grade through high school will be at Magic City Campus on Tuesday and Wednesday and at the college on Monday and Thursdays.  Those practices will be at 4:00 pm.

All 6th grade through high school students will be classified as black group.


Maroon will be swimmers 11 and under who have a good grasp of all four strokes.  They will practice at Minot State University pool.  They will have their choice of practicing 4:00 – 5:45 or  5:45 – 7:00 pm.


White group will be those swimmers who are continuing to master the breaststroke and the butterfly strokes.  These swimmers do better with a one hour practice because of low body fat, attention span, and overall endurance. 


Black group                      Monday              Tuesday              Wednesday                     Thursday

                                           MSU                    MCC                    MCC                                  MSU

                                           4:00-5:45            4:00-5:30            4:00-5:30                          4:00-5:45


Maroon                             MSU                    MSU                    MSU                                  MSU

                                           4:00-5:45            4:00-5:45            4:00-5:45                          4:00-5:45

Or                                       5:45-7:00            5:45-7:00            5:45-7:00                          5:45-7:00



White                                MSU                    MSU                    MSU                                  MSU

                                           5:45-6:45            5:45-6:45            5:45-6:45                          5:45-6:45



Black                                  6th grade through high school      90 – 105 minutes of practice  (the extra 15 minutes on Monday and Thursday is to allow for the putting in of lanes ropes etc.)

Maroon                             5th grade and under        must have all four strokes,               90 min practice

White                                one hour practice, learning the breaststroke and butterfly, learning racing dives and turns