Hopefully you are aware that USA Swimming has an exciting opportunity with the new $20 Flex membership going into effect September 1, 2018. This is the most progressive new membership category in years and is designed to make entering the sport more attractive for today’s busy kids and families. 
It gives kids the opportunity to try team swimming in a cost-effective way with possibly less commitment and allow them to stay involved in life’s other fun activities. Plus, clubs can use the membership for learn-to-swim, bridge programs, pre-team programs, summer leagues, home school programs, stroke clinics, day camps, triathlon training, fitness programs and more. That explains the name “Flex”! 
While it provides a stepping stone, or a bridge, for kids to try team swimming, it also allows clubs the flexibility to secure insurance coverage at great prices, keep many of the benefits of being involved in USA Swimming and provide a product more competitive in the youth sports market. This will allow clubs the option of offering this new category rather than requiring teams to register their athletes as year-round members or seeking alternative options. Plus, it allows families to earn a credit toward a year-round team when they have a great experience in the sport!