Notes on The WRMS Approach to Provincial and National Level Swimming.

Notes on The WRMS Approach to  Provincial and National Level Swimming.

Some Meets Offer More Development Potential: Where is the best Value for our swimmers?

Provincials: Achieving Provincial Standards is a big deal for all developing swimmers but automatically going to Provincials with one or two qualified events may not offer the best development opportunity for our swimmers. March “AA” Provincials, for example, was a better development opportunity for WRMS because everyone swam in one or more  finals.

It makes no sense to us to take swimmers to Provincials just to swim prelims and head home.

It’s time to take swimmers to Provincials when they have an opportunity to score points.

Senior Nationals:

WRMS  has a long history of scoring medals at Senior Nationals.

SNC has turned Senior Nationals into an Age Group Meet – we don’t agree. Just like ESWIM, we have told our swimmers that they can attend Nationals when they have made the Senior Standards.

SNC has removed Bonus Swims from it’s National Level Meets:  Bonus swims gave swimmers an opportunity to leave Nationals with additional National Standards. The development opportunity offered by Bonus Swims has been taken away from our best swimmers!

SNCs rationale for removing Bonus Swims was the apparent fact that 70 to 80% of the bonus swims did not result in best times. Using the same logic, SNC should have cancelled the meet because results from the qualified swims had the same “failure rate” as the bonus swims.

The Decision About When To Attend Nationals: Going to Nationals to swim one event (no bonus swims) with a total cost of  over $1,000.00 to just swim prelims makes no sense to us. Swimmers should be fast enough to make finals – and they should have 3 or more qualified Senior National Standards.

The Importance of Stroke 50s: WRMS builds out from speed at 25 to speed at 50, then 75 and finally at 100 and 200s and above.  One of the major problems with men’s swimming in Canada is a lack of  “basic speed”  Look at the 50 splits required for world class 100s and 200s – (FINA World Champs and Olympics) – then look at Power Rankings for 50s –  Best times listed in 50s for Stroke 50s are often slower than the 50 splits for international level final swims.  We celebrate when Canadians win medals in Stroke 50s at World Class Meets – but we do almost nothing to encourage and celebrate domestic speed in stroke 50s!