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Backstroke Dive Certification

USA Swimming has adopted safety guidelines for teaching and performing backstroke starts.  Coaches will be going over the progression (similar to the forward start certification swimmers go through before they are allowed to go off the blocks at meets) for backstroke starts to ensure that swimmers know how to properly use the blocks and perform a backstroke start.  There are specific guidelines on which swimmers need to have the certification (some over a certain age, or with a certain amount of swimming experience do not need to have the certiication), however, we as a team have found that it is easier to keep track of certifications, is safer for everyone, and reminds swimmers of the basics of using the blocks to have everyone certified.  Over the next month or so, we will be working with swimmers on forward and backstroke start certification.  It is a straightforward process ensuring the swimmers can complete a proper backstroke start in at least 6 feet of water and hold a streamline from this start.  You can view the entire protocol at 

Coach Sophia