BASH Update


  1. Swim Team Banquet this Sunday, doors open at 5:00 PM, dinner at 5:30 PM, specifics have been emailed to those who RSVP’d.
  2. Splash Banquet RSVP’s are also due - Prices and information is available on our website. We will announce the swimmers, coaches and volunteers who have been nominated and are guests of the banquet. TO FIND IT – click on “EVENTS” on – Sunday, May 6th.
  3. Spring Swim Practices start Monday, April 16, schedule attached and will be on our website. Be sure to declare your swimmer – yes or no for the Spring and/or Summer Season. Returning winter Swimmers who practice (any amount) will be charged- S1, S2, S3 and AG1 is $90.  AG2, AG3 and AG4 is $60 on the May 1st billing. We will be adding more/different practices as soon as the outdoor pool opens in the middle of May! You only have to declare YES or NO on our website.
  4. BRAND NEW SWIMMERS to our team will have to go to the Main Desk and pay their coaching fees and also “Register” on our website.
  5. We hope all of our swimmers will train with us this spring-summer! We have very experienced coaches to help your swimmers to improve. We have a long course Pool, 50 Meters, and you can’t dismiss the effect that training the long distance does for your swimming! Over the years I’ve coached, numerous swimmers, who commit to LONG COURSE Training, made HUGE improvements. These are easily seen by parents, teammates and coaches. Please try to make every effort to join us for the spring-summer program!
  6. Practice Schedule Changes –
    1. Saturday, April  21 – Senior 1 & 2 will start at 7:30 AM (Not 7:00 AM)

Saturday, April 26 –Senior 1 & 2 will start at 7:30 AM

Sunday, April 28 – NO swim practices due to Swim Team Banquet

Sunday, May 6 – NO swim practices due to the Splash Award Banquet