Clothing updates!


The online store for ordering suits, caps and clothing is now open!  Please visit the Wildcat Ridge Tigersharks online store at:



If you were unable to make the fitting night, you may visit Out of Breath for suits, caps, goggles and everything else you need. You should also be able to try on clothing items that are available online.


The online store is open until April 29th.  Orders placed before then will be delivered to the store, and Amy Smith will pick them up and deliver them to practices, or to your home for you.  Orders placed after that time will not be part of the team delivery, but can still be picked up at the store at your convenience.


Amy will have plain caps available at the pool for $10 each.


Used Suits:


If you have a used suit that you would like to sell, or interested in buying a used suit, please let Amy know  (  She'll try to match you with someone who needs or wants a suit.  Currently there is a girls 24 and two girls 26 suits available.