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PST This Week - 4/16/18

This Week:

Practice changes! We are short on coaching staff during the month of April, due to various reasons. The following practice changes are in place:

All other practices are as scheduled!


Mon, 4/16 - Gold Group meeting! Mandatory Gold Group meeting at ECCL at 4pm.


PST C/B/BB+ Meet :  

  • Register : We currently have 70 of our swimmers signed up already for our hosted meet! If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so now! Click here to see Meet Sheet , click here to sign up Online Entries

  • Volunteer:

    • If you haven’t signed up to volunteer at our meet , please do that ASAP or you will be assigned shifts in the end! If you have one swimmer, you need to sign up for TWO shifts TOTAL over the 3 days; if you have two or more swimmers, you need to sign up for FOUR shifts TOTAL. Note: Each shift is about 3 hours (ignore anything that says hours or points, system bug).

    • If you have signed up, thank you and please note: In order to accommodate more swimmers at the request of Zone 2, we made some small changes to the timing (not the length) of the shifts, so take another look at the times!

  • Donate : Have not fulfilled your 12 annual volunteer hours? You can donate to our meet! One point is equivalent to one volunteer hour. Donation link will open Monday evening at 9pm.


Meets :  

4/28-29 - AAA C/B/BB+ meet. Open on OME . Will close on 4/18 or sooner. Anyone not swimming at the SRVA meet is welcome to attend. This is the perfect meet for our younger swimmers!


4/28-29 - SRVA C/B/BB+ LCM meet. Meet closed! 29 PST swimmers attending.


Volunteer Opportunities :  

We are looking for a volunteer to wash and dry the canopy tarps and side panels for 5 hours of volunteer credit. The instructions and directions to the new storage area can be found here . Please contact Suzanne Lane by responding to this email if interested.


Board News:  

Next Board meeting Monday, 5/14 at 7pm @ Piedmont Police Station. All parents welcome.