RESULTS: SwimFaster Developmental Meet

This past Saturday, 30 Youth Development swimmers made the trek across the water to Harry Jerome Aquatic Centre in North Van. Our swimmers and parents joined the SwimFaster team in celebrating their club’s 10th anniversary with fast swimming, and despite the long session time (nearly 4 hours) VPSC managed to make some waves with great swims.

Thanks to all the parents who were on deck supporting the team, and congratulations to all the athletes who competed.

Below are some highlights from the April 14th SwimFaster Development Meet.

Total Number of Swimmers: 30

Total Number of Best Times: 66

New LMR Qualifiers: 5

  • Emma Liu

  • Katarina Bijelic

  • Kevin Wang

  • Isabella Chung (achieved despite her goggles falling off)

  • Julin Chai

Silver & Bronze Highlights:

  • Nathan da Cunha waited nearly 2 hours for his first race, and then swam 3 events back to back, achieving best times in each race

  • Maria Zhu took 9 seconds off her best 100IM time

  • Nicholas Chung took 7 seconds of his best 50FR

  • Annika Dmytriw and Maria Zhu both did their first 50BK under 1:00

  • Ava Anderson and Sophie Hannah completed their first 100IM under 2:00

Gold Highlights:

  • Allan Crawford completed his first 200IM in 4:05

  • Madeleine Hardie completed her first 50FL

  • Yi Fan Yang completed her first 200FR  

  • Emma Liu, Kevin Wang, and Allan Crawford were in the top 4 for 10&U 50FR

  • Chase Chong (at 8 years old) was the fastest 10&U swimmer in 100IM

Finally, a special thanks to Ava Anderson and Katarina Bijelic for filling in for absent swimmers by competing on an extra relay - both girls swam in 2 relays in back to back heats!

Full Meet Results