Club News April 16th 2018

Strength doesn’t come from things you can do.

It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t.



Welcome Home Coach Tina!

We look forward to hearing all your stories and about your experiences from the Common Wealth Games.


Western Canadian Championships:

Congratulations to KISU swimmers Acacia Benn, Marlee Caruso, Justin Fotherby, Chelsea Keeler, Elijah Kliever, Xelian Louw, Ashley McMillan, Evan Peters, Anna Spence, Ava Wall, Tyler Wall, Mackenzie Wallich, and Laurenz Weber. This was not an easy meet and threw us a few curve balls. Our swimmers showed huge courage, bravery and grit as they saw themselves through to success. Well done KISU!! 

Last day for Mini Squad swimmers is Friday April 27th.

Last day for Juniors-Academy Friday June 22nd ( with the exception of those competing at Tier II's and beyond)

Last Seasons Award Winners:

All swimmers who received major awards and at the year-end awards ceremony last June please return your trophies to the KISU office by APRIL 15TH This is to ensure adequate time to prepare the awards for this season’s recipients.


Up Coming Events:

All the meets/events for the rest of the season are posted on the website.  Please check them out and sign up early.

Some to take note of that are not meets:

  • Mini Squad Finale
  • Reflective Goggles for Wenatchee
  • Year-End Awards Night and Picnic
  • Arena Suit Order for the 2018-19 season

Everyone gets a new suit each season so pre-order yours and have it in September.



Up Coming Meets:

Mini Squad Finale: April 27th Registration Deadline April 23rd 

Location: Lakawana Park 

Our mini squad finale will follow team practice.  Coaches and swimmers will walk over to Lakawana Park for pizza and report cards. Sign up is on the website. Family members are welcome. Please include the total number of family members attending in the note section.

Cost: $5 per person


Kamloops Spring Fever: April 28th Registration Deadline April 13th

This is a great meet to attend in April.  It is long course, one day (no need for accommodation) and will keep swimmers focused through the month.

Based on last year's meet information - 

Warm Ups at 9:30am.  The projected finish time is 6pm.

Event fees - $8/event, the club will cover relays.

More information will be posted when the meet package becomes available.


KAJ Jamboree in West Kelowna: May 5th Registration Deadline April 19th

This is one of the final Jamboree of the season.  It will be held at the Johnson Bentley Pool.

If you are a Jamboree swimmer . . . sign up!

More information will be posted when it becomes available.

Salmon Arm Regionals: May 25th -27th Registration deadline: May 9th

Details of this meet have not been posted yet but expect that it will be very similar to the Salmon Arm Regional Meet in February. If you don't have many Tier Times . . . this is the meet you want to be attending!


Wenatchee Apple Capital:  June 1st-3rd 2018 

This is KISU highlight meet of the summer.  The meet is open to all Sub4 swimmers and we really encourage all swimmers to attend.  It is great experience - 10 lane outdoor pool, international competition.  It is also a great team bonding experience for KISU.  Don't miss out. 

There is an early deadline as this meet does fill up and we want to be first to get our entries in.

Also . . . book your hotel rooms early as this can be a big weekend for Wenatchee with other events happening at the same time so you want to get your hotel booked as soon as possible.  Unless you are camping!


KISU has a room block booked at the Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel

Phone: 509.662.1234 

Check in: May 31   Check out: June 3

Single and double rooms: $140 USD per night

Triple rooms: $150 USD per night 

Quad rooms: $160 USD per night

Rates include a continental breakfast served 6:30 to 8:30 am

Please identify yourself with KISU Swim Club   Offer expires May 14, 2018


Child Fitness Tax Receipts:

For 2017 and subsequent taxation years the federal government has eliminated the children’s fitness tax credit and the additional amount for children eligible for the disability tax credit, however for the 2017 year the BC provincial government is offering an equivalent credit as outlined below.

Each credit will be a non-refundable tax credit of eligible expenditures up to $500 for each child. Both the Child Arts amount and the Child Fitness amount are increased to $1,000 if the child is eligible for the disability tax credit.

The Child Fitness Equipment Tax Credit was announced to be effective for the 2015 and later taxation years.  This will provide a non-refundable tax credit equal to 50% of the child fitness credit.  No additional receipts need be kept for this credit - just retain the receipts for the child fitness credit.

For both of these credits, eligible expenditures are those that qualify for the federal children's fitness credit as stated below.

The tax credit is available for registration and membership costs paid in the taxation year, for prescribed programs of physical activity for their children who are, at the beginning of the taxation year



under 16 years of age, or


under 18 for a child with a disability

(i.e., when any person is able to claim a disability amount tax credit for the child on line 318

of the federal tax return)


Tax receipts will not be prepared for the 2017 tax year unless required for a member audit.  In this case a receipt will be issued within 48hrs.


The amount you paid can easily be determined by viewing your history in your KISU account.

  1. Login into your account at
  2. Click on the ‘My invoice /payment’ tab on the left
  3. Click on billing history
  4. Click on the ‘search billing/payment history’ button
  5. Enter the dates 01/01/17- 12/31/2017
  6. Any amounts charged under the account “Club Fees or Swimmer Registration” are applicable.
  7. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and confirm payment total³ claim amount

Parent Article:

Dear Swimming, The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

By Byana Cielo

You have made me cry a million times. You’ve made me think to the point of mental exhaustion, and you’ve broken down my body. You’ve made me immune to Advil.

But at the same time, you’ve made me smile a million and one times. You’ve taught me how to have a winner’s mindset and how to fight through physical pain. You’ve taught me how to help myself.

It’s no question you are one of the hardest sports out there. Us swimmers need to be fit, but not just in our legs or our arms. Everywhere. Your training is relentless. The clock has no mercy. It won’t hear our excuses.

And even when we’re positive and we put all of ourselves into you, sometimes races still don’t go our way. Because mental strength is just as important. We have to know how to make our bodies do exactly what it needs to do, at exactly the right moment. And if we make one mistake, it could cost us half a second. And half a second could mean everything.

As much as you have broken down my confidence, you’ve built it right back up.  You have enabled me to discipline myself like very few people in this world ever will.  You have taught me how to prioritize.  But, most importantly, you have taught me how to keep pushing when the going gets tough.  And it took me a long time to realize how strong you have made me.

Throughout my decade as a swimmer, I’ve watched so many people quit.  I’ve asked myself why I swim.  But the answer was always simple: I just can’t give it up.

Even though it’s been a few years since I’ve swum a lifetime best, I’ve come too far to quit.  You’ve planted a strong desire in me to lower the number on the board.  It’s never gone away, and I don’t think it ever will.  That desire is what makes us true athletes.  The relentless, never-good-enough attitude.  Always wanting to be better.  Thank you for making me always want to be better.

You are a huge part of who I am.  I’ve never seen another sport that is as complex as you are.  You’re a team sport, but if we mess up, it’s on us, and only us.  You’re physically challenging but you also force us to be in incredibly good mental shape.  And nothing teaches dedication like staring at the same black line for 15 hours a week.

I held onto you because no matter how much you broke me down on the pool deck, you’ve made me so much stronger emotionally, intellectually, and academically.  And I wouldn’t trade that strength for anything.

Thank you for presenting me with my most testing moments and forcing me to be strong.  Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes and making me realize that it’s okay.

Thank you for being my home.  My safe haven.  My happy place.

I love you so much.


A Forever Indebted Swimmer



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Equipment for Purchase:

Do you need some new KISU gear?  Contact our equipment manager Simone Peters at to order swimsuits, caps, goggles and flip flops!  Looking for other items, visit the Team Aquatic Website at and enter the discount code ‘KISU’ at checkout to receive the team discount. Or present a copy of the shark card at retail stores.


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