Emily Escobedo National Team Updates

It has been a busy season for Emily since returning to the Condors this early winter, and we wanted to provide you all with a few updates!

Emily helped kick off the end of Short Course by competing at Senior Mets with us, and I know that she had one heck of a time. Always a team player, I don't know that there was a more emphatic cheerleader on the deck. Though,  I think she gave Michael Daly some indigestion with her pre-race routines (haha!). Emily would go on to set multiple Condors records and Metro records in the 100 Breaststroke, 200 Breaststroke and 200 I.M., helping to pave the way for an outstanding Senior Met performance by all of our Condors swimmers. It was a great time through-out, and I know we all enjoyed watching her have the opportunity to mesh with the rest of our Seniors.

As I'm sure you can all imagine, being a National Team member has it's perks (like BMWs to drive!), but there are also a lot of responsibilities involved. Emily has to attend at least 3 TYR Grand Prix meets during the calendar year, amidst other meets, appearances, social media responsibilities and adherence to USADA rules and regulations. After attending the Austin Grand Prix, with a 2nd place finish in the 200 Breaststroke to Olympain Chloe Tutton of Wales with a time of 2:25.94 (just a few seconds shy of a personal best), we had the opportunity to get a few weeks of solid training in.

Emily then went to a National Team Training Camp in Chula Vista, California. She was there from Sunday, March 18th to Sunday, March 25th. Her attending Head Coach during the trip was Dave Marsh. Emily had a wonderful time out there, meeting and training with the other National Team members. She has become fast friends with Sarah Gibson, a butterflyer, who she often rooms with. While at Chula Vista, she had the opportunity to meet and get to know Kelsey Dahlia (maiden name Worrel, 2016 Olympian), and the two have become quite friendly since. As a casual observer, watching Emily establish rapport and friendships with athletes who have represented the US at the Olympic Games is almost surreal - or was, at least. Now, it has become almost habitual to expect that she will rub elbows with some of the most talented athletes the United States has ever seen in the pool. And, of course, it drives home the point that she is one of them.

When she returned from Chula Vista, we made the decision to rest her for a few days going into the Mesa, AZ TYR Grand Prix meet. We were both concerned that a lengthy short course season without any significant rest period would not set her up for the success we were looking to have come Philips 66 US Nationals in late July. Emily responded well with the rest from her training trip, and had what was her most successful Pro Series meet to date. She won the 200 Breaststroke (2:26.80), ousting Breeja Larson (2012 Olympian), who has been a wealth of knowldege for Emily regarding the National Team. The next day she would place herself in two A finals - for the 100 Breaststroke and 200 I.M. respectively. All of this done while facing the unreal winds at Mesa, which caused rampant problems for all swimmers involved.

We are now finally settling into being back home, and looking forward to a few weeks of good training before we head over to the Indy TYR Grand Prix in mid-May. This will be the first time Emily gets to compete at a Pro Series meet with our Condors National Team members, and we are all as excited as can be. Watching them gel at Senior Mets was a great experience, and I think we are all going to be in for an amazing time in Indy together.

If any of you have questions for myself, Emily, feel free to shoot them over to me at We will get you some new updates and photos after Indy!