TAC Board Meeting Minutes

TAC Board Meeting   Fidalgo Pool


Date:  March 7, 2018


Location:   Fidalgo Pool, Anacortes,  WA


Convened:  5: 00 p.m.


Present:  Christine  Mathes, Jason Hunter,  Rob Hoxie, Niabi  Drew Laurie Bergvall Mitch,  and Lissa Snowman



Head Coach Report

Jason discussed the following:

Senior sectionals this weekend.  Taking 8 swimmers. Following weekend is  regionals.
No practice over spring break.
Swim-a-thon is the first weekend in May.  This year raising money for 2 new touch pads, blocks, banquet, and look at moving scoreboard to a laptop. Swimmers get 20% of what they raised towards team trip.
Canada meet is the weekend before Spring Thunderbird.
Dan Martin with Swim 2000 is setting up on line store. Teams who use it will get a percentage of money back.


Pool update

Mitch discussed the following:

Property taxes up 20% already.  Bond most likely wont happen. Will attempt to raise money privately.  
Purchasing 11 spin bikes for upstairs, electronic sign to go above door,  NuStep machine. 
Planning pool usage availability with Jason and Cal.
Lifeguard class happening now.
Published code of conduct hygiene, behavior, threatening somebody.   TAC harassment policy included in pool harassment policy.



Treasurer Report:

Rob discussed:

TAC-E meet down 40% compared to budget due to enrollment.


New Business

The following was discussed:

Christine discussed House of Delegate meeting on 5/12/18.  Need representative to attend.
Read Nathan  Mathes scholarship essay.  Motion to provide Nathan  Mathes with $500 scholarship.  Motion: Laurie. Second: Lissa. Unanimously approved.
Niabi  reported on TAC-E meet. Everything worked well.
Lauire  discussed examples she observed during the meet of behavior that represented TAC mission statement.



Next Meeting:  Tentatively planned for  11 April2018.


Meeting Adjourned:   5:50 p.m.








TAC Board Meeting   Fidalgo Pool   17 March