Week One NewsWave

Welcome to the Spring & Summer Season WTSC!

We trust you had a relaxing and/or exciting spring break! Week one news below:

1) Communication reminders:

  • Our website is our communication hub. We use your email address from registration material to form the username of your account. While this email also receives the emails from our communication system, you have just a few more steps here. First, add other pertinent family members' emails. This includes Tsunami & Senior swimmers emails. We feel extra eyes on the news items are only a positive, and it's a step in developing some extra ownership in their sporting career! Second, you will need to log-in to your account and "verify" your email address in the My Account section. This helps eliminate any blocked/spam/undeliverable issues that we sometimes run across.
  • We also offer a text message service that we generally only use for last minute urgent news/reminders, for example if the pool is closed to due to unforeseen maintenance, weather related closings, etc.
    • Text: 317-661-4393
    •  Enter message: @swim201
    • You will receive a confirmation text with instructions that follow.
  • Contact Information for all our coaches is located on the Coaches page of the website, which is on the very top left corner of the homepage. And we want to hear from you!! Please email a meeting request anytime!  That said, starting next week we do have a series of Parent Meetings scheduled for your convenience. We consider these very near to the "must attend" category, for all families on the team. Parent Meet Schedule here. Finally, we ask that you refrain from engaging our coaches in conversation at anytime during posted practices times, and if you are looking for just a casual quick minute or 2 in person, our coaches generally prefer immediately after practice.

2) Safe Sport

USA Swimming's term for athlete abuse prevention is Safe Sport. You'll find a fairly comprehensive Safe Sport hub on our website, which includes the following info:

  • Parent and Swimmer Education links
  • WTSC Safe Sport Coordinator Contact Info
  • 24/7 Hotline- The SafeSport Helpline provides crisis intervention, referrals, and emotional support specifically designed for athletes, staff, and other SafeSport participants affected by sexual violence. Through this service, support specialists provide live, confidential, one-on-one support. All services are anonymous, secure, and available 24/7.

You'll also see Indiana Swimming's Safe Sport Monday informational emails getting copied to the bottom of our team communication about once per month. We highly encourage you to take a few minutes reading these over, and if you feel your child is ready to receive that message, please tailor a discussion for them or have them read it directly. Our coaches will also be addressing these topics from time to time with their training groups.

3) Upcoming Events

Please take a few minutes looking over the meet schedule again, as a few extra meets have been added! It's also smart to develop a competition plan for the entire summer season. Picking your meets/days by the big picture is much preferable to making a rash decision on the edge of every meet deadline. If you aren't sure, this is a great topic to bring to your Parent meeting!

Most urgent deadlines:

  1. 13 & overs, the sign up deadline for the Boilermaker meet is Thursday the 19th (today) by 7PM!
  2. All swimmers have been automatically signed up for next week's intrasquad meet. Please sign out if necessary by April 21st.



Head Coach Matt Papachronis

Hello from Indianapolis!
April is a big month for Safe Sport.
It's Sexual Assault Awareness Month AND Child Abuse Prevention Month.
Of course, we strive to raise awareness and prevent both year-round in swimming.
This month's Safe Sport Monday scenario focuses on consent. Our Safe Sport policies set boundaries for our members, and consent centers on asking somebody about their boundaries and respecting them. Not everybody is a "hugger." Respect that. A swimmer's body is their own.
Two consent scenarios to discuss with your teams are linked here: https://www.usaswimming.org/articles-landing-page/2017/02/10/safe-sport-mondays
...And attached.
Here are additional resources to help with the discussion: