Spring Flower Sale-Orders Due 5/4/18

 Looking out the window it's hard to think that Spring is right around the corner but we know its lurking there somewhere! Our Spring Flower Sale is one of our most popular fundraising events and it is going on right now! 

Below is some info copied from the Fundraising Link. If anything doesn't open from this news feed, hold your cursor over the fundraising tab on the home page of the SWAT website to get the drop down to the spring/summer events. Natalie Hahlen is kindly chairing this event again this year and her contact info is on the fundraising page if you have futher questions.

If you normally buy any flowers, baskets or vegetables you reallly need to check this out-ordering these items from the SWAT flower sale means that instead of the profits per flat going to some retail store, YOU earn 75% of the profit margin that will be issued as a credit for your training fees for your next swim season (Fall/Winter)
Bet you have some family and maybe elderly neighbors who would LOVE to have your kids deliver their flowers/baskets right to their door step!

Don't lose out on the opportunity to save some $$$$ while enjoying those flowers you were going to buy anyway! Please checkout the info below which is also on the fundraising link on homepage. 

Spring Flowers 2018 

SWAT will be offering the flower fundraiser again this year through Shady Lane Greenhouse in Menomonee Falls. This is one of the easiest fundraisers to participate in and every year the flowers are healthy and beautiful. The discount the Greenhouse provides allows us to charge about the same amount that you would pay if you went to the greenhouse directly. This year, we will be taking delivery on May 26th . If you are going out of town for the holiday weekend, I can hold your flowers until Monday afternoon/evening or Tuesday.

Below are the order forms (Annuals, Pots and Baskets, Porch Pots and Planters/Perennials) that you should copy and use to gather your orders from friends and family. PLEASE combine all of your orders onto one set of forms and return with your total order to:
Natalie Hahlen
W135 S8288 Durham Drive
Muskego, WI 53150

You can mail the form to the above address, hand to me directly (or my daughter Jordy at Sr Platinum practice), or scan and email to me. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call my cell at (414) 218-6822.

The Deadline to get your master order form to me is MAY 4th.

Flower pickup date will be Saturday, May 26th  at the above address beginning at Noon.

One check payable to SWAT for the total amount will be due when you pick up your flowers. Your check will be held for at least 10 days before depositing to give you time to collect from everyone who bought flowers from you. If you are paying with cash, please make sure to bring the exact amount. I will not be able to make change.

Flower Information Page

Description of Plants

Master Order Form (Annuals)

Master Order Form  (Perennials)

Master Order Form - (Planters&Hanging Baskets)