ROW Swimmers Competing at National Level Meets

The past couple of weeks we had several athletes competing at National level meets. We needed to travel the whole length of the 401 to enjoy both meets. The first one was the RBC Canadian Championships held at the Olympic Parc in Montreal from April 5-8, 2018. We had three swimmers at that meet, Natalie Peterson, Christian Iveson Marr and Aidan Elliot.

Aidan Elliot was a force to be reckoned with this weekend, making finals in each one of his events and posting some stunning improvements in his freestyle events. His best placings were in the 100 fly and 400 free, placing 5thboth times. He was 6thin the 100 free and the 100 back, 7thin the 200 IM and 8thin the 50 free. Natalie Peterson was 13thin the 200 backstroke and 16thin the 100 backstroke. Christian placed 4thin the 50 fly and ended up 22ndin the 100 butterfly.

The second meet was held at the WIATC in Windsor Ontario. This meet was the Eastern Canadian Championships and it started on April 12. This meet was attended by Alec Elliot, Andrew Kuiper, Christian Iveson Marr, Natalie Peterson and Kenzy Khattab.

Alec Elliot, placed 1stin the 100 free and 23rdin the 100 fly. Christian was 4th( again ) in the 50 fly and placed a just out of the 2ndswim 22ndin the 100 fly. Andrew Kuiper was 30thin the 100 backstroke.

Among the women, Natalie was 2ndin the 200 backstroke and 7thin the 100 backstroke. Kenzy Khattab was 51stin the 800 free.

Congratulations to all of these ROW swimmers and we look forward to more great swims by these athletes and numerous other ROW swimmers in the upcoming long course season.