Junior Olympics Starts in one week!

Hello Chinook Team,

We are gearing up for Junior Olympics and ready to race.  Please read this email all the way through. A meet invite is availble on this site under the JO event button as well as the job sign up list.  Please look over the volunteer jobs and SIGN UP TODAY!!!  Please sign up sooner rather than later.  It helps support our mission of elevating our game when we take care of these tasks promptly.  Click on the sign up button today.  


Information about JO Schedule:  

Angela Heaphy sent out an email with the meet invite attached( THANK YOU!) and it is also available at the event button for JO's.  I will be posting paper copies at both pools so you can read the invite for yourself.   We are so excited to have 44 relays and 57 swimmers entered into the meet.  Entries are also on the team site and also posted at both pools.  We are bringing our team spirit every day to this meet by wearing team gear each day.  Check out the schedule below.


Thursday- April 26th- 

Warm ups at 3:50- Competition starts at 5pm. Swimmers are to warm up and assist with any team mates in the mile.

Wear a blue team shirt.


Friday- April 27th- 

Warm ups at 8:50am- Prelims Competiton starts at 10am. 

Finals Warm ups:  3:20pm- Competition starts at 4:30pm

Wear a tie dye team shirt.


Saturday- April 28th-

Warm ups at 7:30am- Prelims Competition starts at 9am.

Finals Warm ups-  2:20pm.  Competition starts at 3:30pm

Wear a blue team shirt.


Sunday- April 29th-

Warm ups at 7:30am- Prelims Competition starts at 9am.

Finals Warm ups- 2:20pm.  Competition starts at 3:30pm.

Wear a tie dye team shirt.



10 and under relays are on Saturday and Sunday at the beginning of prelims.

11/12, 13/14, and 15-18 relays-

Friday- at the beginning of Finals

Saturday- relay at the beginning of Prelims and relay at the beginning of Finals

Sunday- relay at the beginning of Prelims


Another email will go out closer to the event but check out meet entries and job sign up today.

Let's bring on the competition by being the first to fill the jobs.

Thank you to all the volunteers that make our team great!

See you at the pools.  Go Chinooks!!!