pool balcony closed


Due to circumstances outside of our control, we will not have access to the pool balcony at Sandburg for the time being.  
The information that we have received from the district has been relatively vague in detail to this point.  We are not certain as to the full reason & extent of the decision to close the balcony, but we have been told it is to make necessary repairs.  We have also been told that there is no safety issue in the pool area, and these repairs are being scheduled.  
While this creates a slight inconvenience for us as an organization, we are thankful to the district for continuing to allow us access to the pool area during this time.  
Despite the closure of the balcony, we still can not have parents on deck, due to insurance regulations & USA swimming policies.  While it is not our preference, we have no other choice but to operate closed practices during this time.  
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.  Parents will be allowed on deck prior to the start of practice, and after its conclusion, to drop off and pick up athletes, as well as meet with coaches.  Parents will have to wait elsewhere during active practice times.  If the cafeteria is not being used, parents are free to wait there during this time.  There will be some nights where it will not be available, due to other activities.  We are working with the district on other possible alternatives for nights in which the cafeteria is being used.  
We will operate under this procedure for as long as the balcony remains closed.  As soon as it is reopened, we will return to normal.  This is all the information we have at this time.  We will update families once we receive more information regarding the length of time we can expect this closure to effect us.  
Thank you for working with us on this matter.  We look forward to continuing to have a great clinic experience.  Any questions, comments, or concerns should be addressed to Coach Ray in reply to this email.  
Raymond Keown
Head Coach 
NRG Swimming Inc.