SCY18 - Champ Meets - RECAPS


~ Recaps ~





To say our 12 & unders did awesome this weekend is an understatement. Some quick stats...with 164 swims, 118 were best times, they made 65 trips to the podium and made 17 new JO cuts. Here are the swimmers who swam ALL best times this weekend:


Charlie Bufton

Calli Chiarelli

Maya Vincent

Isabella Palmerio


All of those who had all but one best time: Nika Barkmeier, Devon Bone, Horia Dobrean-Urzica, Connie Gillum, Jay Huang, Megan Marquardt, Marko Maruszewski and Ana Quigley


Point Scorers

10 & Under Girls

Tahlia Scherer—54 pts.

Nika Barkmeier—32 pts.

Georgia Andrew—30 pts.


10 & Under Boys

Brendan Fijol—102 pts.

Jay Huang—95 pts.

Aidan Kaplan—76 pts.

Marko Maruszewski—17 pts.

Devon Bone—14 pts.

Horia Dobrean-Urzica—4 pts.


11-12 Girls

Isabella Palmerio—118 pts.

Ana Quigley—96 pts.

Megan Marquardt—64 pts.

Connie Gillum—48 pts.

Francesca Fischer—46 pts.

Sienna Bone—10 pts.

Panisa Piriyakulvej—7 pts.

Ellie Kirkland—6 pts.

Yordi Divelbess—3 pts.

Odessa Winn—3 pts.


11-12 Boys

Nino Maruszewski—83 pts.

Charlie Bufton—35 pts.

Aleks Piljevic—35 pts.

Harry Roberts—29 pts.

Gavin Stiglitz—21 pts.

Max Rice—12 pts.


Here are those who made the podium…


1st place

Brendan Fijol, 200 Free

Isabella Palmerio, 50 Free

Isabella Palmerio, 200 Free

Isabella Palmerio 100 Free

Aleks Piljevic, 200 Fly

Ana Quigley, 200 Fly

Jay Huang, Devon Bone, Aidan Kaplan and Brendan Fijol, 200 Medley Relay


2nd place

Nika Barkmeier, 50 Breast

Jay Huang, 100 Fly

Jay Huang, 100 Breast

Jay Huang, 100 Free

Megan Marquardt, 500 Free

Nino Maruszewski, 50 Fly

Isabella Palmerio, 200 Fly

Ana Quigley, 200 IM

Ana Quigley, 100 Back

Jay Huang, Devon Bone, Aidan Kaplan, Brendan Fijol, 200 Free Relay

Ana Quigley, Isabella Palmerio, Panisa Piriyakulvej, Megan Marquardt, 200 Free Relay


3rd place

Brendan Fijol, 100 Free

Connie Gillum, 100 Breast

Jay Huang, 500 Free

Jay Huang, 50 Breast

Nino Maruszewski, 500 Free

Tahlia Scherer, 50 Fly

Megan Marquardt, Panisa Piriyakulvej, Sienna Bone, Isabella Palmerio, 200 Medley Relay


4th place

Nika Barkmeier, 100 Breast

Brendan Fijol, 50 Free

Megan Marquardt, 50 Back

Nino Maruszewski, 200 IM

Isabella Palmerio, 100 Fly

Gavin Stiglitz, 100 Back


5th place

Brendan Fijol, 100 IM

Aidan Kaplan, 100 Fly

Aidan Kaplan, 200 Free

Isabella Palmerio, 100 IM

Ana Quigley, 200 Free

Gavin Stiglitz, Harry Roberts, Nino Maruszewski, Charlie Bufton, 200 Medley Relay


6th place

Georgia Andrew, 100 Back

Charlie Bufton, 100 IM

Brendan Fijol, 500 Free

Brendan Fijol, 200 IM

Francesca Fischer, 100 Fly

Connie Gillum, 50 Breast

Aidan Kaplan, 100 Free

Megan Marquardt, 200 Free

Nino Maruszewski, 200 Breast

Nino Maruszewski, 200 Free

Ana Quigley, 200 Back

Ellie Kirkland, Francesca Fischer, Nika Barkmeier, Sienna Bone, 200 Free Relay

Charlie Bufton, Aleks Piljevic, Gavin Stiglitz, Nino Maruszewski, 200 Free Relay

Odessa Winn, Connie Gillum, Ellie Kirkland, Yordi Divelbess, 200 Medley Relay


7th place

Devon Bone, 100 Back

Charlie Bufton, 100 Free

Francesca Fischer, 200 Breast

Isabella Palmerio, 100 Breast

Aleks Piljevic, 100 Fly

Max Rice, 50 Breast

Harry Roberts, 200 Breast

Tahlia Scherer, 50 Free


8th place

Brendan Fijol, 50 Breast

Jay Huang, 50 Fly

Marko Maruszewski, 100 Fly

Ana Quigley, 100 Free

Tahlia Scherer, 100 IM


New JO cuts that were achieved this weekend:

Nika Barkmeier, 50 Breast

Brendan Fijol, 50 Free, 200 Free

Jay Huang, 500 Free, 100 Fly, 100 Breast

Megan Marquardt, 50 Back

Nino Maruszewski, 200 Breast, 500 Free

Isabella Palmerio, 50 Free, 200 Free, 100 Free, 100 IM

Aleks Piljevic, 200 Fly

Ana Quigley, 200 Fly, 100 Back

Tahlia Scherer, 50 Fly


Some other highlights:

  • Georgia Andrew placed in the Top 19 in all of her events.
  • Sienna Bone dropped time in five of her eight events.
  • Charlie Bufton placed in the Top 20 in all his events, dropping a total of :11.
  • Brendan Fijol went to the podium for all of his events, winning his 200 Free.
  • Francesca Fischer placed in the Top 14 in 6 of her 7 events.
  • Connie Gillum placed in the Top 11 in 5 of her 7 events.
  • Jay Huang went to the podium in 8 of his 9 events, dropping a total of :33.
  • Aidan Kaplan placed in the Top 11 in all of his events.
  • Megan Marquardt placed in the Top 13 in all her events, dropping :21 total.
  • Marko Maruszewski placed in the Top 19 in all his events.
  • Nino Maruszewski placed in the Top 15 in all his events, dropping :16 total.
  • Isabella Palmerio went to the podium in 9 of her 11 events, winning all her Free events and dropping a total of :19.
  • Aleks Piljevic dropped a total of :28.
  • Ana Quigley went to the podium in 7 of her 8 events, dropping a total of :33.
  • Harry Roberts dropped a total of :19.
  • Tahlia Scherer placed in the Top 18 in all her events, dropping in five events.
  • Gavin Stiglitz dropped in 4 of his 6 events.



Our 13&O swimmers were just impressive this weekend! Congratulations to all!!!


Here are some of the highlights


  • Isabel Amromin dropped time in the 100-200 Fly, 100-200 Breast


  • Katelin Avenir dropped 8 seconds in the 200 back (not a typo!) and 2 in the 100 back missing the Senior State cut by very little in both events.


  • Charlie Duffy won the 100 Back (in which he dropped almost 4 full seconds) and was part of the 14&Under 200 Free Relay that also won the title!


  • Nelly Hadlaw had 100% best times at this meet! The 100 Free was a best time by almost 3 full seconds!!


  • Ben Huynh dropped time in all but one event at this meet. The 50 Free was impressive as he dropped .5 seconds and dipped under 23 seconds for the first time!


  • Claire Kennedy had the perfect meet dropping time in all her events!


  • Bennett Lindberg did not have a perfect day one of the meet but came back the following day and achieved his first SCY 13&14 Age Group State time in the 200 Fly!!


  • Lane Raedle won the 50 Free, went a best time in it and dipped under 25 seconds for the first time!! She was also part of the 1st place 200 Free Relay!


  • Mackenzie Tucker was impressive all 3 days!! She dropped time in all her events and won the 100 Back and the 400 IM!!


  • Luke Wagner dropped time in all his events winning the 200 Free and placing 3rd in the 100 Back and 200 IM!!


  • Zack Wagner had the perfect meet (once again this season!) with best times in all his events!! Impressive drops for him… 6.8 seconds in the 500 Free, 12 seconds in the 400 IM and 6.8 seconds in the 200 IM!! WOW


The meet was just a total success for our swimmers who supported each other during the whole competition and had fun behind the blocks!!









The 2018 SCY Senior Championship meet was very successful meet for our team! Congrats to all who participated!!


For the majority of our swimmers, this one was just a final tune up meet and their meet schedule was reduced. These swimmers did pretty well and tried their race strategy for the final meet.


For some, this one was the final meet of the season and all the hard work they have done during the season was in display. Great meet guys and well deserved!!


Coaches were extremely proud and happy with the overall outcome of the meet.


Here are some of the highlights:


  • BIG DROP -> Evert Andrew wins this one! Everet dropped almost a full minute in the 1650 Free!! WOW! He was so close to getting his NCSA A cut in the 1000 and 1650… both were missed by very little but the big dropped really showed how much worked Everet put in and how he has improved!


  • STATE CHAMP -> Congratulations to Annika who won the 200 IM and beat a member of the USA Junior National team (Silver medal at the Junior World Champ last summer!) in the process! WOW! Footnote: along all NCSA swimmers, Annika was allowed to swim only one event at this meet in Finals as they were all preparing for the NCSA meet.


  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE -> This award goes to Lane Raedle. Lane was impressive in her 100 Back dropping almost a full second and missed the NCSA A cut by only .62 Her final time was 58.61 – funny to think that she tried to brake the minute the entire HS season and now her best time is so far under that mark!! Good job Lane! The future is bright!!


  • HIGHER LEVEL -> Big congrats to Tony Bayvas who dipped down to 59.61 in the 100 Breast (he was 59.99 in the morning) and achieved his NCSA cut in the event!! This meet was the first one in which he was able to break the minute!



This meet was great reminder that when swimmers are in charge of their process (of getting better) they really achieve new and higher levels!! Coming to practice is part of this process… definitely the first step (and a few still really struggle to even understand this simple concept). However, there is so much more that goes in to your own process of getting better… from paying attention to technique (things that you need to work on DAILY basis) to nutrition and hydration, all will play a big role in how YOU perform at the end. Likely, our swimmers are often reminded and are improving their process!


Overall a great meet!! Great job to all!










         Our swimmers scored 483.5 points for a combined 17th place finish at State this short course season. That was highlighted by Carly Novelline scoring 137 points herself for the second place high point award among the 13-14 girls and a record breaking meet for her. Points aside, what an amazing meet it was with 75% of our individual swims being best times. And relay excitement blew the roof off with 9 of our 11 relays posting best times.


Two swimmers posted ALL BEST TIMES IN EVERY EVENT. Congrats to:


Andy Kelly

Carly Novelline


And ten more had best times in all but one event: Devon Bone, Charlie Duffy, Brendan Fijol, Nelly Hadlaw, Jay Huang, Nino Maruszewski, Carley Moerschel, Isabella Palmerio, Ana Quigley and Sean Sullivan.


Here are how the individual points stacked up.


Carly Novelline 137 pts.

1st place

200 Free (team record)

100 Back (team record)

100 Free (team record, State record, 4th in the Nation)

50 Free (team record, State record, 4th in the Nation)

2nd place

200 Back

3rd place

100 Fly


Charlie Duffy 59 pts.

4th place

50 Free

7th place

200 Breast

100 Free

13th place

200 IM


Ana Quigley 27 pts.

10th place

100 Fly

13th place

200 Fly

15th place

50 Fly


Sean Sullivan 18 pts.

10th place

200 Fly (Team Record)

16th place

100 Fly


Nino Maruszewski 14.5 pts.

8th place

200 Fly


Devon Bone 13 pts.

14th place

100 Fly

17th place

200 IM

19th place

100 Free


Carley Moerschel 11 pts.

11th place

200 Fly


Isabella Palmerio 11 pts.

14th place

500 Free

17th place

200 Free


Jay Huang 8 pts.

13th place

500 Free


Kate Handley 3 pts.

18th place

100 Breast


Panisa Piriyakulvej 3 pts.

18th place

200 Breast


Lachlan Andrew 2 pts.

19th place

200 Back


Here are the relays that placed:


6th place

13-14 Girls 400 Medley Relay

Carly Novelline, Kate Handley, Carley Moerschel and Caroline Gainer (team record)




8th place

11-12 Girls 400 Medley Relay

Megan Marquardt, Panisa Piriyakulvej, Ana Quigley and Isabella Palmerio (team record)


11th place

10&U Boys Medley Relay

Jay Huang, Devon Bone, Aidan Kaplan and Brendan Fijol


12th place

13-14 Boys 800 Free Relay

Lachlan Andrew, Charlie Duffy, Andy Kelly and Sean Sullivan


13th place

10&U Boys 200 Free Relay

Brendan Fijol, Jay Huang, Aidan Kaplan and Devon Bone


13-14 Boys 400 Medley Relay

Andy Kelly, Charlie Duffy, Sean Sullivan and Lachlan Andrew


15th place

11-12 Girls 400 Free Relay

Megan Marquardt, Ana Quigley, Panisa Piriyakulvej and Isabella Palmerio


13-14 Girls 400 Free Relay

Caroline Gainer, Nelly Hadlaw, Isabel Amromin and Carly Novelline


13-14 Boys 400 Free Relay

Charlie Duffy, Lachlan Andrew, PJ Spagnolo and Sean Sullivan


Others who swam us proud:

Charlie Bufton 11-12 Boys 400 Medley Relay and 400 Free Relay

Aleks Piljevic 200 Fly

Max Rice 11-12 Boys 400 Medley Relay and 400 Free Relay

Tahlia Scherer 50 Fly

Gavin Stiglitz 11-12 Boys 400 Medley Relay and 400 Free Relay







To say that this meet was a fantastic meet for our team it is an understatement. I do not think I could have imagined it to go any better than it did!!


It was clear on day one that we were going to be successful when all swimmers were cheering for each other and high fiving each others… the atmosphere was just phenomenal during the whole meet!


Congrats to all that made the trip to Orlando! You guys rocked that place!!


Here are some of the highlights


  1. TEAM ATMOSPHERE – This is by far my favorite part of this meet and something our swimmers showed during the whole SCY season at meets and at practice. The final meet, just like your performance, is the result of what you do on daily basis and seeing it was (yet again) what made the meet special for me (and hopefully all involved). I know I said it before but you will soon forget your times but never forget the memories you made with your friends!


  1. MULTIPLE MEETS – MULTIPLE STATES = ONE BIG TEAM! – To this I was not able to give it a 2… it was incredible to witness how genuinely excited our swimmers in Orlando were to watch and hear about what their teammates were doing at JOs! Whenever we had a chance, we would watch JOs and we were loudly cheering on our swimmers! I would never forget their face after their teammates were done swimming – stunned by how fast they were all going!


  1. ANNIKA WAGNER – Incredible meet for Annika!! It does not always happen that those that work extremely hard get rewarded at the end (at least not immediately) but, usually, those that work hard and ‘smart’ (with goals in mind EVERY SINGLE DAY) get rewarded most times than not. Annika was just spectacular at this meet! Big congrats!!! Here are some of her accomplishments:
    1. BEST TIMES -> Annika established new best times in the 100,200,400 IM (all team records, the 200 IM was also a State Record – see below), 100,200 FREE.
    2. STATE RECORDS -> Annika annihilated the 15&16 State Record in the 200 IM. Her 1:58.63 was a State Record by almost 2 full seconds!! And was also the OPEN State Record! In other words, no one has ever gone this fast at any age in the State of Illinois!!
    3. NCSA ALL STARS -> Annika made the NCSA All-Stars team (top 2 in all individual events were selected) and represented the US in Ireland. At her first international trip, Annika kept it going… she established her new best times in the 50 FREE (really?!), 400 FREE, 400 IM (she finished 3rd in this one and broke our team record), 200 IM (she finished 2nd and destroyed the IL State Record – her 2:16.24 was her best time by almost 4 full seconds and State Record by over 2 seconds!). Annika was also part of the 1st place 800 Free Relay and the 3rd place 400 Free relay.


  1. LUKE MAURER – Luke’s goal for this meet was to make it back in his ‘major events’… well, he not only made it back in ALL his events (but the 200 IM that he swam for fun) but also dominated all his finals!! Luke was just spectacular and a true team player! Here is his accomplishments:
    1. BEST TIMES -> Luke established best time in the 500 FREE (4:27.17 was his best by over 8 seconds!!! NOT A TYPO! 8 seconds drop like a good age group swimmer Lol – that is also our team record! 15th fastest time at the meet), 200 FREE (1:38.08 best time and FIRST EVER USA SUMMER SPEEDO JUNIOR NATIONAL CUT! 9th fastest time in the meet!)100 FREE (45.14- 10th fastest time in the meet!), 200 IM (1:55.23).
    2. TEAM COMES FIRST -> Luke was just a superb team player! At meets like this, you really have to look at your own schedule and maximize your time (i.e. cool down as soon as done etc). That’s something very hard when you have Luke’s personality… he was always there ready to cheer on his teammates!
    3. DIG DEEP -> Some good swimmers want to win… great swimmers hate to lose. Luke belongs to the latter category and it shows every single time he races… in practice or at meets, he is always trying to win and finds the ‘extra’ little spark hidden somewhere in his body.


  1. FIRST TIMERS -> We had quite a ‘young’ group this year (the future looks very bright!) as 5 out of 12 swimmers that made the meet were at NCSA for their first time (and we had only 1 HS senior swimmer.) Big congratulations to Tony, Rafael, Ben, Olivia and Everet for the great meet! ALL of them got at least one best time and ALL of them were cheering non-stop for their teammates.


  1. SOFIA VARGAS & CHARLES SCHOBER -> Both of them were impressive at the meet and followed a very similar path. Both of them struggled the first time around (and even the second) but not this year! Both of them went home with 3 best times each (Sofia got best time in the 100 Free, 100-200 Fly; Charles got best time in the 100,200 Breast and 200 Free). Both of them played a big part in our relays… Congrats to both!


  1. TEAM PLAYERS -> Betsey, Mia and Cassidy might have not had the meet they were expecting (or hoping for) all 3 for different reasons but they all played a huge role in how successful we were there. It is hard when the outside world assesses your success by precise standards (in our case times)… but is that what really matters? I am a big believer that learning takes the first spot every time… and I know they have learned from this experience.


Coaches were so proud of how well our swimmers did in the water and also enjoyed to see how supportive this whole group is… well done!


Here is a video created by Betsey: click HERE


As we said many times, and as the old saying goes, Success is never owned; it is only rented – and the rent is due every day.’ In other words, if you relax and stop trying or better if you keep doing what you were doing just because you were successful once, most likely than not, you will never be successful again… keep working on YOUR OWN PROCESS of getting better and you will be the best version of who you could be at the end!!


I wish I could tell you that it will be easy… I wish I could tell you that it will be an easy ride… I wish I could tell you that you will love each and every single moment of it but I would be lying! But I can promise you that if you keep working hard and smart you will be rewarded at the end and the hard times will just make it taste even sweater.


Enjoy one of my favorite songs these days - HERE - and play it when whoever around you doubts you can do it!