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Miami Country Day Aquatics


So I have to apologize as this is my first weekly email since before our Spring Break.  BUT! I am very excited to talk about the NMST Open Invite.

2018 NMST Open Invitational

In our first meet coming off the break and coming back from taper we had a great showing!  40 swimmers signed up for the North Miami Swim Team Open Invitational.  By far our largest team at any meet all year long.  One of the best things is that we had a bunch of first timers: David Krylov (5), Tobias Pastor (6), Erik Nelson (7), Tesja Prusynska (9), Dante Szulc (11), Kai Canellas (13) Nasir Perera-Olivio (15) and Sebastian Contreras (17).  It is so great to see all of the hard work that these 7 kids have put in since they started and put it into action during a meet.  With 4 swimmers missing the event we had 36 compete.  At the end of the day  we had 94 new Lifetime Bests (LTB) of 150 swims (64%). Here is the breakdown by training group: 

Pathways – 4 swimmers – 9 new LTB 

Bronze – 10 swimmers – 30 new LTB’s 

Silver – 9 swimmers – 21 new LTB’s  

Gold – 0 swimmers – 0 new LTB’s  

Sr. Development – 7 swimmers – 17 new LTB’s  

Sr. Elite – 7 swimmers – 17 new LTB’s  


Congratulations to the Bronze Group for having the most signups and the most Lifetime Bests!   

We also had  10 New Club Record s.  Congratulations to:  

Belinda Muzii            (10)      10 & Under 200 Free              2:19.49

                                                10 & Under 50 Back               35.19

                                                10 & Under 100 Free              1:05.91

                                                10 & Under 100 IM                1:17.94

                                                10 & Under 200 Back             2:44.24

Vladimir Anosov (9)              10 & Under 100 Back             1:55.94

Brianna Ray (12)                   11-12 200 Fly                         2:49.28

Evan Wilson (12)                    11-12 200 Back                      2:38.28

Beverly Muzii (13)                 13-14 200 Fly                         2:21.06

Ben Wilson (16)                      15-16 50 Fly                           :25.82

As soon as I get the official results I will post them on our website.



We are now officially in the Long Course Season!  Even though the first meet that we went to after our break was in Short Course Yards (SCY) the rest will be in LCM.  We are setting our attention on a few meets that you can find on our website.  Please look at the event list check your summer calendars and sign up for the meets that you feel you can commit to.  The busiest month will certainly be July as we will have Sectionals (Qualifiers only), Area 3 Champs (All Groups), JO’s (Qualifiers only) and Sr. Champs (Qualifiers only).  After the Sr. Champs meet at the end of July we will once again take a break.  The first two weeks of August will be the best time for travel as we will not hold any practices or meets.

Again please go to our website and sign up for the Swim Miami (Open Water Swim Event), FIU Spring Invite, NPB Summer Kickoff and the Swim Fort Lauderdale Swim Meet.

For those who are traveling to Islamorada and the Jon Olsen Gold Medal Invite on the weekend of April 27th -29th , please remember that the warmup on Friday is at 4:00 pm and then there are only morning seasons on Saturday and Sunday Morning.  We will try to find a place for a team dinner on Saturday night.



Over the last few weeks we have seen a five new families join the ranks of the MCDA Swim Team.  I would like to welcome the Rodriguez Family; Lorenzo (8) Bronze Group, The Perez Family; Gia (10) Bronze Group, The Palos Family; Misha (10) and Bella (8) both will be in Bronze Group, and another Rodriguez Family; Anthony (14) Sr. Elite and Penelope (10) Silver Group.  If you see a new face in the stands, please say hello 

We are so happy to continue to service the Miami Country Day School community but also the local Miami swimming community.  Thank you for your continued support and spreading the word. We cannot do it without you.


The term “25-yard” and “50-meter” refers to the length of the swimming pool. The width depends on the number of lanes. Olympic-sized swimming pools have 10 lanes, each with a width of 2.5 meters making them a total width of 25 meters.  25-meter or 25-yard pools are typically called short courses and 50-meters pools are called long courses. 

Competitions that are Long Course and Short Course:  FINA or Fédération Internationale de Natation is the International Federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee for administering international competition in aquatics. The Olympic Games, FINA World Aquatics Championships and SEA Games are held in 50-meter pools.

Why are some swimmers better at short or long course?

Here are some differences between the short and long course: Short courses have an extra turn.  There is an increased speed after each turn.  There is a period of inactivity after each turn.  The period of inactivity lowers the heart rate of the swimmer.

Both the SCY and LCM pools are used for training by swimmers all over the world but the same swimmer will always be able to get a faster time in a short course rather than a long course. The main reason for this is because the short course has an extra turn for the same distance in the long course.  It effectively means he swims the same length but has the added bonus of pushing off the wall halfway through the short course pool. This is why the same swimmer will always be able to get a faster time in a short course rather than long course pool.

How the pools affect different types of swimmers?

Besides the turn itself, competitive swimmers often have a strong streamlined underwater kick after pushing off the wall to maximize the ratio of effort to distance. A swimmer who has more strength in strokes will lose out to a swimmer with better turns and streamlined underwater kicks if racing in a short course pool.

Another key difference caused by the extra turn is the swimmer having to turn and glide longer in a short course as compared to a long course. The time used in turning and gliding requires less effort compared to stroking. This creates an opportunity for the upper body muscles to enter a short recovery state. This short recovery state increases lactate clearance and decreases lactate production from the muscles, thus helping the swimmer swim faster.


    • Friday-Sunday, April 27th-28thJon Olsen Gold Medal Invite, to be held at Flounder Park in Islamorada
    • Sunday, May 6thSwim Miami, Open Water event
    • Friday-Sunday, May 19th–20thFIU Spring Invite, this is for all groups
    • Monday-Friday, June 4th-8th – Coach Scheingoltz’s Technique Swim Camp
    • Swim Team Banquet – Date has changed more info ASAP