Aulea Schedule through May- Please Print

Aloha Aulea families,

Please print out the document on this link for your records:


Disclaimer 1: This is all the info that I have now.  There may be certain dates that change based on facility availability.

Disclaimer 2: This is all based on the Kailua Pool being closed through all of May.  Should the situation change and the pool be open sooner due to a new pump arriving sooner than that, we will keep you posted and update schedule accordingly.

While I know this is a challenge for many of our families, I also know that we saw GREAT attendance this past week and I'm confident we can continue that!  Long course season is upon us and I'm excited to see what we can do.  We may have certain groups pick up some extra meets due to lack of long course water for training but we will keep you posted on that.

Lastly, there is a senior and distance meet on April 28th.  We would like all of Junior I and Senior to swim both these meets and all qualified members of Gold to swim the distance meet.

Best of luck to all of our swimmers at the Mamizuka Invitational this weekend.

Go Aulea!

Coach Joe