LC Jobs Table Information


USSC Families,

Our Jobs Tables for the first 3 hosted swim meets will open on Saturday, April 28th at 12:30pm!  Mark your calendars and set your alarms, and most importantly, read this entire email!  As a reminder, families with only Novice swimmers are not required to work, but we welcome your help. 

All families will need to work 4 Job Slots during the Long Course Season.  In some cases jobs are worth more than one credit (Concessions manager for a swim meet, Committee Chairs, etc), additionally we will be offering double points on Friday night of our Long Course Meet, June Splash Bash, on June 1st all Job slots will be worth double credit!  Work 1 job on Friday night, earn 2 Job credits!  We do ask that each family only sign up for one job slot on Friday night to start, so that all of our families can take advantage of this opportunity!

Families have 5 Swim meets to fulfill their Job Requirements!  We do expect some Jobs tables to fill very quickly.  If you are able to work a swim meet, and all of the Jobs Tables are full, please just see our Volunteer Check-In Table and they will be happy to assign you a job for any of our swim meets.  Please check out all of the Job Opportunities we have for this season below:

May 12 USSC Intersquad Meet @ Stoney Creek High School (Approximately 40 jobs available)
1 session: 10:30-2pm
Limit: 2 jobs per family
Who Should Swim: All of USSC’s swimmers in Novice, Intermediate, and Junior swimmers.

May 19-20 12 & Under Meet @ Stoney Creek High School (114 Jobs Available)
2 sessions: Saturday AM and Sunday AM
Limit 2 jobs per family
Who Should Swim: All of USSC’s 12 & Unders are eligible to swim.  We strongly encourage our Novice, Intermediate, Junior and Age Group 1 swimmers to attend this meet.

June 1-3 @ EMU (231 Jobs Available, 43 of which are double credit)
5 sessions: Friday PM AG1 and above, Saturday and Sunday AM: 12 & Under, Saturday and Sunday PM: 13 & Older.
Limit 4 jobs per family, fulfill all of your jobs in one weekend!
DOUBLE CREDIT FRIDAY NIGHT!  For each Job Slot filled, 2 Job Credits will be earned!
Who Should Swim: All of USSC’s Junior, Age Group 1, Age Group 2, Senior Development, Senior Conditioning and Senior Performance athletes.  If you have a swimmer in one of these groups, we encourage you to fulfill all of your job credits at this swim meet!

The Jobs Table for the June Dual Meet with LL and the Last Dance meet will open on Saturday, June 9th at 7:30am.  See below!

June 29-30 @ Stoney Creek High School
2 sessions: Friday PM (13 & O) and Saturday AM (12 & U)
Limit 2 jobs per family
Who Should Swim: All 13 & Over swimmers will compete on Friday night.  All 12 & Under swimmers will compete on Saturday morning.

July 14-15 (115 Jobs Available) @ Stoney Creek High School
2 sessions: Saturday and Sunday AM only, open to  ALL USSC swimmers with fewer than 6 state cuts. 
Limit 2 jobs per family. 

One Additional Summer Jobs Table will be posted at the top of the Event page and will detail a limited number of jobs outside of swim meets that will be available during the season.  If you have an extenuating circumstance and do not believe you will be able to fulfill your work requirement at swim meets, please contact myself and Kelly Tokarz (kmtokarz65@gmail.com).

Sign-up is easy!

New Members, check out all of our HOSTED MEET JOB DESCRIPTIONS:
Login to your account.
Under Meet Information, select the second tab (MeetJobDesc) to view all of the different types of jobs available at our swim meets.

As a reminder the work requirements are as follows for our Long Course Season that runs April through July:
1.  Families only with Novice swimmers: Are not required to work, but we welcome your help!
2.  Families with Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Junior, Age Group 1, Age Group 2, Senior Development, Senior Conditioning and Senior Performance need to fulfill 4 job credits.

To sign up on the Jobs Table follow these easy steps:
1.  Sign in to your online account
2.  Click on the “Jobs Table” button next to “Edit Commitment”
3.  Once the Jobs Table is open, all of the jobs and job slots that are open will appear
4.  To reserve a job slot, put a check mark next to an open job slot (click on the box), and click SAVE.

As a reminder we count Job Slots for credit.  Some accounts have 2 names listed on their account.  To reserve two job slots, you will need to select check 2 boxes to fulfill 2 job slots.

All meets are set for a maximum of 2 job slots per family, with the exception of the June 1-3 meet at EMU, so that everyone has a chance to work.  If you have a special request due to extenuating circumstances and need to work more at one meet because you are not able to attend other meets, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator: Kelly Tokarz: kmtokarz65@gmail.com

Very important reminders:
USSC has a very good reputation for hosting well run and enjoyable meets.  These are great fundraisers for our club so we need everyone’s help to make sure these events are successful and so we are awarded additional meets in future seasons.  There is a $75.00 per job slot fine for not fulfilling the required amount of volunteer slots for the season.  USSC does not wish to levy this fine, it is only meant as a deterrent, so please help us avoid this by volunteering your time for the required job slots.

We also realize that preplanned events or last minute occurrences may cause your family to not be able to work at a hosted meet that you have committed to working.  In the event that this occurs, PLEASE contact Kelly Tokarz ASAP.  

Other information:
We believe it is ideal for you to volunteer DURING the session that your child is competing in to avoid additional trips to the meet.  Almost every job at hosted meets allows you the ability to go on deck and watch your child during their events, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

Saturday sessions at hosted meets have historically been very heavily attended and most parents choose to volunteer on Saturday.  This year we are asking that if you have a child that is swimming in the Friday or Sunday sessions that you please consider working one of those sessions first, so we can try to accommodate having everyone volunteer during their child’s session. 

We appreciate everyone's commitment to USSC!  If you have questions, please reach out!

Thank you,
Coach Erica Thomas