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Rio Vista Pentathlon - Saturday, May 19

POOL ADDRESS: 300 California St. Rio Vista, CA 94571



This is our first meet of the season and a great way for new parents and swimmers to experience how a swim meet is run. Attached is a general overview of the meet, a schedule of events and map of the pool that shows where our team site is located. 

For those new to swimming or to this event, this meet is different from our usual dual meets in that there will be four teams competing and every child swims every race (Back, Breast, Fly, Free, IM). Do note that for this one meet, swimmers 10 and under swim 25-yard events.

Swimmers must swim all five events (and not be DQ'd in any) in order to qualify for high point awards.  Otherwise, they can swim the events they know (or want) for time and for heat ribbons. It's VERY helpful for us to have new swimmers swim as many events as possible so we can have times on record for them.

A few pro tips:

·       Although the weather is usually good in mid-May, be sure to dress in layers, especially in the morning; it can be breezy and chilly in Rio Vista.

·       Do bring shade (pop-ups/small tents), chairs for the shade, sunscreens, towels, activities for you and your kids, ice chests with water, snacks and meals if you want - it's sort of like "day camping."

·       There will be a snack bar on deck - they'll have breakfast and lunch items.

·       Our camp is on the north side of the pool and will not be in view of the pool, so be ready to walk back and forth between our area and the pool deck.  

·       It's very important to LISTEN CLOSELY to PA system announcements about upcoming races. If there's an issue with the PA volume, we can bring it up to the Rio Vista staff, but the meet won't be halted and scratches will not be overturned because someone didn't hear a call and wasn't where they were supposed to be. You may wish to stay on deck for the early races...and DO make sure your swimmers are at the ready bench with plenty of time to spare. 

·       There is a playground structure near the camping area...swimmers will often hang out there, but PLEASE make sure they report to the ready bench when their race numbers are called.

·       Of course, DO bring their team suit, swim caps, and goggles. There is usually a vendor on site at the Pentathlon to sell gear in case you forget something and/or if something breaks. 

·       The clothing vendor will likely have a custom meet shirt for sale with all swimmers' names. We will be submitting our meet entires on May 13, so that's the deadline for a swimmer getting his/her name on the shirt. Anyone who commits their kids at the last minute will not have their kids' names on any primt materials (program, t-shirts, etc).

·       A Sharpie pen is good to have since you'll be writing down your kids' race numbers on their arms (helps them remember what events they're in).

·       Finally, as with any meet, keep your valuables with you at all times and please park only in approved areas. The Catholic church to the north of the pool will have a privare event, so do NOT park there, please.

We'll see you there!