Last ACES Dance - May 31 2018

Hello ACES Families!

I would like to take this opprtunity to thank everyone who helped last night make the fourth Aces dance of the season an incredible success. We made a record amount of 3028.50 dollars! 330 kids had an amazing time.

An extra thank you for MJ, Jenny and Bert for their assistance last night, it was very appreciated since that allowed me to stay home with my daughter who just had surgery.

The final dance is on May 31st. Sign up is now available on our website.

You will earn one TEC credit by chaperoning at a dance and it's a great way to get to know other swim families. I understand many families might not need any more TEC Points but please consider signing up so we can have another succesful dance and fundraise more funds for the team.

Please read carefully below for more detailed information about our dances and how to sign up. I have added one new position so please read below for more info.

Aces Swim Club has prided itself over the years in avoiding direct sales as a fundraiser for the team. Instead, we have had great success providing a fun and safe activity for the youth of the community which has become highly anticipated. 

The pre-teen dances have become one of our main fundraising activities and a great way for families to earn TEC points. 

In addition to being a very successful fundraiser, we are proud with the way the dances raise the club's profile. 

This year we will be hosting 5 dances, we have one left. Our last dance will be on Thursday May 31st.

These dances are open to any youth in grades 5 through 8 and are held at the New Hamburg Arena (at the corner of Jacob and Boullee streets in New Hamburg).

In order to provide a safe environment for the kids attending (often between 250 and 300), we will need many chaperones and this is where you come in!

Sign up can be done on our website. Go to Go to 'Events' or click on the "Team Functions" tab/link.

Please only sign up once you are certain you will be able to attend, as we need to ensure a good ratio of adults: kids to maintain the level of safety that is expected by the youth and their parents. 

A reminder that although this dance is restricted to kids in grades 5 through 8 inclusive, ACES swimmers only, who are in grade 9 or up are welcome to help out. They can earn high school volunteer hours.  They will be asked to either help at the door, in the kitchen or possibly on the floor as chaperones. Please don't sign them up through the website, but send me an email to let me know they would like to help out.

On the night of the dance you must sign in with the dance coordinator (either myself or Jennifer Kelly) and you will be assigned a job when you get to the arena. 

If your swimmer has a different last name, please add the name of your swimmer on the form so we can be sure you receive your TEC credit. 

All volunteer adults and youth must check in as soon as they get to the arena so we can keep track of numbers to ensure we don't exceed the venue's capacity. Please make sure you also bring a coat/ jacket since there are also outside jobs. 

Adult volunteers are needed to:

  •   help at the door signing kids in      
  •   help at the door with traffic flow/ counting dancers/ crowd control      
  •   help upstairs at the door taking money      
  •   help in the kitchen help at the end of the dance to tidy up (clean up, count money etc.)      
  •   Chaperoning on the floor, ensuring that there are no dangerous activities or bullying taking place. Chaperones will also be asked to monitor the bathrooms and watch for those occasional roaming hands during the slow dances.

 *** Most importantly, if there is any behaviour that you are not comfortable with, or if at any time you have to speak to a child for inappropriate behaviour, please let me know as soon as possible, as parents usually call the dance coordinator the next day to discuss the situation. We must know about all situations, especially if they involve any form of discipline/ eviction***.

Please make sure you are at the arena at 6.45pm prompt. Kids are lining up very early and we need you to make sure the dance will be a positive and safe experience for everyone. There are three positions for an early shift starting at 6:00pm. They would help with setting up the tables and food.  These 3 early shifts can leave earlier as well.

There are also two positions for a late shift. These two persons will help the dj at the end of the dance with packing up and loading his equipment into the van. They will also be responsible for  locking the arena and returning the key to the Wilmot Recreation Center that same night. This job starts at 8.30

A new position has been created for someone with either a medical background or someone with a current first aid certificate. This person will chaperone during the dance and if any medical issues arise this person will provide the needed medical care/ first aid. Until now it never has been more than a bandaid, but better safe than sorry. This job will be from 6.45 till 10.15. If you are interested in this job please email me at

To receive your TEC credit, parents/ chaperones are expected to stay until the end of the event to ensure the venue is cleaned up.


Looking forward to another fun night!

Yours in dance,


Mirjam "let's dance" Schut