Spring Newsletter--Pool Bubble, OW, Summer Schedules and MEETS!

Summer Schedule-- also listed under Calendars/Schedules/Practice schedules

Spring Newsletter--Please print, too.  Lots of info!

Spring Newsletter:

Swim A Thon/Saturday Practice Schedule:

Slots are open for the swim a thon on Saturday!!  Please sign up for one.  Go to Team Function/Swim a thon/Job sign up to pick an hour.

Seniors will practice during the swim a thon from 8-10 am and count one of their hours for the swim a thon.  Prep transition swimmers are welcome to come during that time frame.

Pool and Fundraising updates:

  • The Town of Southern Pines has okayed our request to bubble and use the town pool next year!They feel bubbling the pool will be more appealing to a larger population than swimming outside year round.  There’s an article in today’s Pilot about it.  Plans are underway to start the process within the next two weeks, as we order a bubble and get quotes for a water heater.  The bubble will be heated.  See The Pilot for an article on it.
  • Costs for the pool for next fall will include: bubble and its installation (which can be a DYI job, if we have the volunteers), water heater and its installation, heaters and winterizing for the bathrooms, pool blankets to retain water/heat/chemicals, a robotic pool vacuum, plus blocks.  We intend to purchase lane lines and backstroke flags.
  • Swim a Thon---Our Swim a Thon will be on Saturday, April 28th.  For swimmers who cannot come on Saturday, they can do their swim a thon during Friday practices.  The funds from the swim a thon will help start outfitting the SP pool for this summer—we need flags and lane lines, plus a lane line reel and a new starter system for summer league, among other things.
  • Open Water SponsorshipsWe need dollars to fund the bubble and the pool next year!

              Thank you to those who have already agreed to sponsor us this year!Pinehurst Anesthesia, Pinehurst Surgical (Finish Line/Main Sponsor), Martha Gentry, the Murphy Insurance Agency, Aroma Bakery and Care, Kuhn Dental, Meridian (caps) have all committed. First Health is providing lifeguards and water.

               Sponsorship forms are available on the meets page, through a “News” posting, and through the main race website (June OW races button on left hand side of website).To fund the bubble, heater and other equipment for next year, we will need to have a great Open Water/Fundraising campaign!

We need to get out into the community, let them know what we do, and pull in awareness and dollars.We do much more than just competitive swimming and served over 500 members of our community through lessons, summer league, USA Swimming, Developmental programs, and outreach (Boys & Girls Club, Sp. Olympics), plus over 1000 Open Water swimmers via our June and September races (which have a significant economic impact on the area).

  •                The Military Mile (first race on Saturday/18 & Over non-Club swimmers only) will help fund Moore County School’s Student to Student program, which support primarily military kids, but also others who are moving to the area with transitions, as military kids frequently move schools upwards of 5 times during their K-12 years.  This program is already in place at several MCS and hopes to expand to more schools—we are donating part of the entry fees for this race to this program.

Upcoming meets:

  • Meet on the Hill—Open to Sr Squad and most Prep swimmers (need to have/ be close to BB cuts).  Open to all 12/unders w/ B cuts.  AG swimmers with B cuts will receive a separate email.
  • Open Water—Registration for Volunteer jobs and swimmer commitment is posted on the meets page.  Sponsorship forms, Volunteer descriptions, and basic meet info is available as well.  This meet is open to all swimmers, not just USA Swimming members!  For non-SSS registration, please see race website—click on the logo on the slide show or on the June Open Water races button on the left hand side of the homepage.  Additional information for the race (parking, course info, etc) also is on the race page.
  • TAC TYR Triangle Invitational meet (June 16) and ECA Beach Invitational in Morehead City (June 22-24).  The ECA meet will be a travel meet; information is posted on the Meets page. The TYR meet is for swimmers not going to the ECA meet; we will attend just Saturday of that meet.
  • Summer League meets—Summer League meets will start on Tuesdays in mid-June at area pools, including the Southern Pines Pool.  SSS swimmers can swim in these meets in addition to Long Course meets.

More News:

  • May Lifeguarding Class—starts the first weekend in May.  Sign up under Aquatics Programming.  20 hours in the water/ 10 online.  Free for swimmers interested in working at the Town of SP Pool this summer!
  • Summer League and Lessons—sign up through Aquatics Programming
  • Privates—we offer private lessons if you know of anyone who is interested!

Summer Schedule starts June 4:

  • June 4-8:  Sr Squad will practice at the Elks in the morning before school.  All other squads will practice at the Southern Pines pool; practices will be slightly altered to accommodate travel distances; schedule below.
  • June 9-late July:  SR and SR Prep will be at the Elks in the morning; Age Group, Summer League, and lessons will be at the SP pool in the morning; there will be an option for some PM practices at the SP pool to help accommodate camps/parent work schedules.
  • Schedules are posted on the website under Calendars and Schedules/Practice Info