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Best times mark beginning of new season

GPAC swimmers kicked off the new long course season with great swimming and many new best times at the Spirit of Mobile long course invitational held at Bishop State Community College in Mobile April 13-15. The team posted 83% best times at the meet.

“I think the coaches expect the swimmers to go best times at the first meet of the season,” said head age group coach Greg Johnson. “We know the swimmers are better than they were over eight months ago, but to see such command of the races after a long time of not racing in the long course pool was really fun.”

Along with the best times, great racing led Megan Corcoran and Ian Malone to a high-point award for their age group.

Corcoran, 12, won six out of her eight individual events and set seven new life-best times. Megan posted four new ‘AAA’ times and a new ‘AAAA’ time in her 400m freestyle race. She also set a new Southeastern (SES) qualifying time in her 50m backstroke.

Ian Malone, 10, won four of his seven individual events and placed second in the others to take the high-point honors. Ian posted personal best times in all seven of his events to set six new ‘AA’ times and a new ‘AAA’ time in his 100m freestyle.

Although the meet did not officially recognize high-point winners in the upper age groups, Aiden Morgan, 14, would have been the boys’ 13-14 champion, as he swept the win in four events and placed second in his other two. Morgan went on to set five out of six personal best times including three new ‘AAA’ times (50, 100 free, 200 IM).

GPAC had several other swimmers win individual events at the meet with great racing by Sara Lypko, 13 (200 back), Cain Scoggins, 10 (100 fly), Jameson Walker, 12 (400 free, 50 back), and Emma Wortman,13, who won the 100 and 200m breaststroke and the 400m IM.

Also to be included in the list of individual event winners was Sara Gray, 10, Landon Garcia, 9, and Logan Robinson, 11, who each swam a “perfect” meet.

Sara set best times in all six of her individual events, she won the 50m breaststroke, set four new ‘BB’ times, two new ‘A’ times and made her first SES qualifying times in four different events (50, 100 back, 50, 100 breast).

Landon set new life-best times in all seven of his events, won the 50 and 100m breaststroke, set five new ‘A’ times and two new ‘AA’ times.

Logan swam six-for-six personal best times in his events and won the 50m free, 100m fly and the 200m IM. He also set six new SES qualifying times as well as four new ‘BB’ times and two new ‘A’ times.

GPAC boasted 33 other swimmers who set personal best times in all their individual events, which equated to about half of all the swimmers the team entered in the meet. Congratulations to Gabrielle Beauchamp, 5, Johanna Beauchamp, 8, Graeson Garcia, 8, Lily Green, 13, Parker Guy, 14, JoJo Harris, 11, Jack Hebert, 11, Chloe Henley, 8, Noah Jacobs, 9, Kouper Kraus, 10, Jordan LaBryer, 11, Max Little, 11, Sydney London, 13, Bailee Luciano, 11, Shayla Manthey, 13, Amelia Mayer, 8, Olivia Mayer, 14, Owen Mayer, 12, Belle McNally, 11, William McNally, 9, Kobi Menser, 15, Emma O’Neill, 13, Jaydah Phelan, 11, Aaron Powell, 14, Abby Robinson, 10, Jack Rowell, 14, Cain Scoggins, 10, Shelby Smith, 12, Kirsten Van den Berg, 10, Lex Vaughn, 11, Laurel Kate Voeltz, 14, Lily Walker, 9, and Hollyn Will, 12.

GPAC swimmers capitalized on the short season at the meet by bolstering the ranks of the swimmers qualified for the championship meet to be held in Knoxville in July. Congratulations to these swimmers who posted 39 new SES qualifying times: Megan Corcoran, Trinity Devanney, 14 (200 bk), Sara Gray, Landry Hadder, 13 (400 Fr, 400 IM), Claire Han, 13 (50 fr), Braedan Jacobs, 12 (50 fr, 50 fly), Noah Jacobs (50, 100 br), Kouper Kraus (50 br, 50 fly, 100 fr), Max Little (50, 100 br), Sara Lypko (200 bk, 400 IM), William McNally (50 bk), Jaydah Phelan (50 bk, 100 br), Logan Robinson (50, 100, 200 fr, 100 bk, 100 fly, 200 IM), Jack Rowell (200 fr, 200 fly, 200 bk, 200 IM), Cain Scoggins (50 bk), Jameson Walker (200, 400 fr, 50 bk), and Emma Wortman (400 IM).

Along with these new championship cuts, the following swimmers posted new motivational time standards at the meet:

B:           Johanna Beauchamp, Graeson Garcia, Lily Green, Drew Henry, Jordan LaBryer, Max Little, Sydney London, Bailee Luciano, Shayla Manthey, Owen Mayer, Belle McNally, Kobi Menser, Emma O’Neill, Brandon Posey, Abby Robinson, Kaybella Smith, Hudson Trammell, Kirsten Van den Berg, Lex Vaughn

BB:         Gracie Fountain, Sara Gray, Drew Henry, Noah Jacobs, Kouper Kraus, Max Little, Sydney London, Bailee Luciano, Shayla Manthey, Belle McNally, Emma O’Neill, Jaydah Phelan, Kat Ralls, Logan Robinson, Jack Rowell, Cain Scoggins, Shelby Smith, Alexander Sullivan, Hudson Trammell, Lex Vaughn, Laurel Kate Voeltz, Jameson Walker, Lily Walker, Emma Wortman

A:           Trinity Devanney, Landon Garcia, Sara Gray, Claire Han, Braedan Jacobs, Sydney London, Sara Lypko, Jaydah Phelan, Logan Robinson, Jack Rowell, Cain Scoggins, Jameson Walker, Emma Wortman

AA:         Trinity Devanney, Landon Garcia, Landry Hadder, Claire Han, Sara Lypko, Ian Malone, Jack Rowell

AAA:      Megan Corcoran, Claire Han, Ian Malone, Aiden Morgan

AAAA:    Megan Corcoran

The team now focuses its attention to the month of May, which finds GPAC at home early in the month, followed by a trip to Panama City Beach to swim outdoors.