SplashForward Update - UNANIMOUS VOTE

Special THANK-YOU note to our parents who attended this meeting and other parents who worked with our coach Leon behing scene to support this initiative - we got ways to go but this is an important step forward. 


The Aquatics Project is moving forward! We had about 80 in attendance. Thank you for showing the movement!


Bellevue City Council unanimously voted to release $250K to develop more precise information  with regards to site, scope, scale, costs to constructs, costs to operate, etc. for Council to make an informed decision as to ultimate direction of an aquatics center.  This information is expected to be gathered and presented to Council by the end of 2018 with a Take Action decision by Spring 2019.


Special shout outs to our 3 speakers:

  1. Sue Dills - Water for Life message. From newborns to the later years in life, aquatics provides health and happiness for all abilities. Great impact from her personal story to also indicating NOW is the time.
  2. Meghana - Deep Water representation. Why a separate tank is needed. Great impact was made with explaining that the privileged are able to travel and obtain access but for those that aren't of the same means, are without.
  3. Marlaina Capes - Water for All. Generously shared a video of her daughter who has extreme cerebral palsy love of the water and spoke to when freedom that water allows her daughter to soar like no other place.  Great impact was made that there is not enough water on the Eastside to meet the demands of All.


Thank you ladies. You have made a difference.


Work will begin immediately. We invite all to join the force to continue to advocate, educate, and help with community outreach of this mission.  


Do you feel that you are educated on this mission to educate others? If not, please let us know. We'd be glad to meet with you or email you information. A huge thank you to Susan Pappalardo who is manning the social media outreach like a champ! If you are on social media, please follow us at the below links. If you aren't on social media, let us know so we can tailor our communications accordingly.


We need you. We thank you. We'll keep you posted.

Best Regards,