Junior Athlete Representative Election

It is time to elect a new Junior Athlete Representative for Snake River Swimming! We are looking for swimmers who are leaders for their fellow athletes and exemplify the standards of USA swimming, such as respect, kindness, safe-sport, and teamwork. If you have any athletes that stand out as qualifying for this position, please let them know!

Due to the SRS ByLaw Rules, "Two athletes from the same team cannot hold both the Junior and Senior Athlete Representative positions at the same time," Nampa Swim Team is not eligible to have an athlete representative run for the position. To qualify, athletes must be in good standing with the LSC and must be either 16 years of age or a sophomore in high school.

If you have any athletes who are interested in running for the position, please have them email a short bio, an answer to “Why would you like to be the SRS Athlete representative?” with an individual picture in .jpg file, team name, and grade to before May 1, 2018. Any additional questions can also be sent to

Elections for the Junior Athlete Representative will be held at the upcoming Spring Fling in Boise on May 19th, 2018 in the West YMCA Hospitality Room, Boise, Idaho. 

Best regards,

Andrea Perttula
Senior Athlete Representative

The following is the Election Policy and Procedure for the Snake River Junior Athlete Representative.  The election was not held at the Winter Champs meet this year so will be held at Spring Fling.



  1. In accordance with SRS By-Laws Article 604.1.3, two(2) Athlete Representatives shall be elected, one each year for a two-year term, or until their respective successors are elected. At the time of election the Athlete Representative must be:
    1. an athlete member in good standing
    2. at least sixteen (16) years of age or at least a sophomore in high school
    3. Currently competing, or have competed during the three (3) immediately preceding years, in the program of swimming conducted by SRSI or another LSC
  2. Two athletes from the same team cannot hold both the Junior and Senior Athlete Representative positions at the same time.
    2. In addition to Article 604.1.3 of the SRS By-laws the following will pertain to the election of athlete representatives
    3. Intent to run for the Junior Athlete Representative must be submitted to the current Sr. and / or Jr. Athlete reps no later than the end of January.
  3. Prior to the SRS Winter Championship meet, athlete bios for each candidate will be posted on the athlete page of the SRS website, as well as included in the athlete newsletter so all athletes have access to each athlete’s qualifications prior to the election.
  4. Voting Procedure
    1. Only SRS athletes 13-19 years of age are eligible to vote
    2. Announcements will be made before and during the meet as to when and where the voting will take place. If possible, this announcement should also be given to each Head Coach to distribute to the athletes present.
    3. A vote will take place immediately following the morning preliminary session of the SRS Winter Championship meet
    4. The SRS Senior Vice Chair will oversee the election process and assist in counting the ballots.