LCSC Coho 2017-2018 SC Season and Spring Banquet Review

LCSC Coho 2017-2018 SC Season and Spring Banquet Review

            On Thursday night, April 19, LCSC’s Coho Nation celebrated the end of the short course racing season and the start of spring training for the summer racing season.  Held at St. Mary’s Convention Center, swimmers, siblings, and parents enjoyed each other’s company over dinner, dessert, team recognitions, and dancing.  A special thanks to the Pitera family (Emily, Natalie, Tessa, Brian, and Grandma) and the Dessin family (Jaclyn, Jocelyn, Krista, and Richard) for extreme Coho donations of time and energy essential to the organization, ambience and musical entertainment of the evening!
            LCSC President Dean Kendall opened the festivities with an introduction of LCSC’s current Board of Directors, and thanked all parents for their contributions to the team’s success this year hosting two USA Swimming meets. 
            Following dinner, the Coho coaches took the mic and began the athlete recognition part of the night.  First, all 10 & Under swimmers present introduced themselves, followed by the 11-12 year olds, and finally our 13 & Over Cohos.  After all team members were introduced, the awards program began: 

Coho Art Appreciation
This award is presented to the artists in Coho Nation whose work is included in this year’s team spirit wear:
            Kailyn Pillai       Ashley Yeung        Elizabeth Kalis       Lexi Gutu        Nico Dettling        Cora Rolfes

IMXtreme Cohos (2017-2018 SCY)
Developing skilled and lifelong swimmers is one of LCSC’s goals. The USA Swimming IMXtreme program provides the challenge for demonstrating the versatility making one a successful life-long swimmer.  These Coho swimmers earned recognition during the 2018 short-course season for racing all of the IMXtreme events in their age group: 
Charlotte Boehm         Josey Coon                 Nico Dettling              Amelia Hubbard
Emily Pitera                 Colin Domeracki        Haleigh Cameron        Erin Wensorski
Jose Ferriera               Ella Dziobak               MJ Fryberger              Patrick Henry
Faith Robertson           Diya Ganguli              Michael Caruso          Kaari Peecher            
Hazel Thurston            Blake Wilson              Audrey Tyler               Amelia Brown            
Tyler Blazoff                Leah Blazoff               McKenna Lauer          Daniel Mullen
Brady Kendall             Lexi Gutu                    Logan Kendall
Haley Dobbyn             Natalie Pitera             AJ Judge

LCSC Coho 2018 SCY State Championship Teams 
12 & U at Zeeland, MI

            Coho swimmers and their families made their way across the state for this year’sannual championship.  Our young Cohos made their presence known in many positive ways throughout the weekend: team spirit, overcoming obstacles, and tenacious racing.  Here is a brief list individual accomplishments:
            Josey Coon: 4/4 lifetime bests (6th500 fr; 11th200 fr; 15th100 fl)
            Emily Pitera: 3/3 lifetime bests (12th500 fr; 16th100 br)         
            Nico Dettling: 6/6 lifetime bests (10th100 bk; 10th50 bk)                                 
            Colin Domeracki: 3/3 lifetime bests (16th100 fl)
            Natalie Pitera: 2/5 lifetime bests (8th50 fr; 15th200 fr)                        
            Faith Robertson: 6/6 lifetime bests (11th200 fl; 12th100 bk; 10th100 fl; 14th200 bk; 7th50 fl)
            Patrick Henry: 5/6 lifetime bests 
            Congratulations also to the Coho relays!
            10 & Under    200 free relay (13th): Josey C., Emily P., Ella D., Haleigh C.
                                  200 medley relay (10th): Maddie L., Emily P., Josey C., Ella D.
            11-12             200 free relay: Natalie P., Faith R., Hazel T., Elli R. 
                                  200 medley relay (12th): Natalie P., Diya G., Faith R., Hazel T.      
13 & O at EMU
            Over a dozen Cohos contributed to a solid showing at the 2018 MI 13-14 & Open SC State Meet.  Again, under some adverse conditions (i.e., air quality), Cohos displayed strong skills racing at the state’s top level both individually and on relay teams:
            Brady Kendall: 3/5 lifetime bests (2nd100 fl; 1st50 fr)              
            Lexi Gutu: 2/2 lifetime bests
            AJ Judge: 1/3 lifetime bests                         
            Zane Peecher: 6/6 lifetime bests (10th1000 fr; 13th500 fr; 14th100 fr; 9th1650 fr)        
            Haley Dobbyn: 2/2 lifetime bests (16th1000 fr)                       
            Geoffrey Honeycutt: 1/1 lifetime best
            Let’s hear it for the Coho relays!
            13-14 Girls     800 fr relay: Brady K., Lexi G., McKenna L., Jenny C.
                                    400 fr relay: Brady, Lexi, Jenna, McKenna
                                    200 med relay (15th): Lexi, McKenna, Brady, Jenna
                                    200 fr relay: Jenna, McKenna, Lexi, Brady
                                    400 med relay: Lexi, McKenna, Erin W., Leah B.
            13-14 Boys    800 fr relay: AJ J., Cole R., Tyler B., Blake W.
                                    400 fr relay: AJ, Tyler, Cole, Zane P.
                                    200 med relay: Tyler, Cole, Zane, AJ
                                    200 fr relay (14th): AJ, Zane, Cole, Tyler

LCSC Coho 2017-2018 SCY Record Breakers
            Congratulations, Cohos, on the new team records established:
10 & U Boys                          
Nico Dettling (50 bk, :34.31; 100 bk, 1:13.37; 50 br, 41.03; 100 br, 1:28.70; 50 fl, :33.91; 200 IM, 2:53.26)                                                         
Colin Domeracki (100 fl, 1:19.21)                                      
11-12 Girls                           
Faith Robertson (100 bk, eaquals record at 1:02.80; 200 fl, 2:23.16)
11-12 Boys
Patrick Henry            (100 bk, 1:07.41)
13-14 Girls   
Brady Kendall(50 fr, :23.94; 100 fr, :54.09; 100 fl, :57.54)
13-14 Boys
Zane Peecher (400 IM, 4:54.48)

Graduating Seniors 
            Shannon McKee represented the Coho graduates of 2018. Shannon’s positive attitude, sense of humor, and sincerity were evident in her short speech to the team, and we wish her the best as she continues her education at Schoolcraft CC next year! Best wishes, also, to the Coho graduates not able to attend this year’s spring banquet:
Noah Barstad             Connor Beck              Logan Kendall           Everett Kremm
Ben LaPorte               Bryan ReppenhagenJacob Styles                Parker Wasielewski

2017-2018 Coho Award: “Attitude, Attendance, & Attention to Detail”
            The Coho Award was created a few years ago to recognize outstanding team members with experience, education, and enthusiasm.  This year, Haley Dobbyn was selected by the coaching staff as “That Coho.”  Haley’s positive attitude is always evident, her attendance is exemplary, and her attention to detail at practice, meets, team functions, and school confirms her as this year’s Coho Award winner. Congratulations, Haley!!