April RUSH Newsletter

RUSH Aquatics – April Newsletter and Meet Recap

10 & Under Long Course Kickoff, April 14

11 & Up Long Course Kickoff, April 20 – 22

By Coach Tracy Nelson



Congratulations to our RUSH swimmers who competed in the Long Course Kickoff meets at the University of Texas Lee & Joe Jamal Texas Swimming Center in April.  Every single swimmer posted time improvements, and many of our swimmers made a time standards cut!


RUSH Swimmers – lots of time standards at the Long Course Kickoff!!

Congratulations to the following RUSH swimmers who all achieved a time standard cut at April’s Long Course Kickoff meets:


Phoebe Jaggers

AA time in 200m Backstroke

A time in 50m Freestyle

A time in 200m Freestyle

A time in 50m Backstroke

A time in 100m Backstroke

B time in 50m Butterfly

Jasper Davis

BB time in 50m Freestyle

BB time in 200m Freestyle

B time in 100m Breaststroke

Benjamin Jaggers

BB time in 50m Freestyle

BB time in 100m Freestyle

BB time in 50m Backstroke

BB time in 100m Backstroke

Aurian Arbabian

B time in 50m Freestyle

B time in 50m Backstroke

Mia Chalk

B time in 100m Freestyle

B time in 200m Breaststroke

Evan Minter

B time in 100m Freestyle

B time in 200m Freestyle

B time in 50m Backstroke

B time in 50m Butterfly

Perrin Minter

B time in 100m Freestyle

B time in 200m Freestyle



Fast swims, with time improvements!

Other swimmers at the meets, who ALL posted time improvements, included:


10 & Under Long Course Kickoff

April 14


Emily Bishop

Anna Csizmadia

Will Elliston

Jett Henson

11 & Up Long Course Kickoff

April 20 – 22


Calia Couch

Zoe Loschke

Liam McDonald

Vedant Sangani

Evan Schaffer

Tayla Score

Elle Tracy


Many of these swimmers were soooo close to their B times, and after another month of practice, we’re hoping they’ll get there!


Long Course

Long Course season runs from April through July, and swimmers swim in an Olympic-sized, 50m pool.  This is different Short Course season (August through March), when the swimmers swim in 25y or 25m pool.  Our pool at GHCC is 25m long, so during Long Course season, our swimmers compete in a pool that’s twice as long!


Time Standards

USA Swimming offers motivational time standards for each swim event, and swimmers can monitor their progress as they get faster.  The time standard designations are (from fast to fastest):  B, BB, A, AA, AAA, AAAA. 


B times are pretty challenging, and definitely worth putting a feather in one’s (swim) cap.  The next cut is a BB cut, which is the minimum that swimmers must have to qualify for the lowest level of post-season championship meet during the Long Course Season (Jr. STAGS). 


A times are even more challenging.  And any designation with multiple As is super fast – the highest time standard my daughter ever got was a AAA time, and she’s now a collegiate swimmer!  AAAA times are close to Olympic-trials levels.


BIG congratulations to all of our above swimmers who achieved their time standards cuts!  All their hard work in the pool is really paying off!


Our Next Meet…

Our next meets in May are the End of School Splash meets at the University of Texas Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.  The 10 & Unders will compete on May 12, and the 11 & Ups will compete on May 18 – 20.  We’re looking for many more time improvements, time standards achievements, and lots of fun!  Good luck RUSH swimmers!!