CCAC Update 4/26/18

Coupon Books

DHS is making some improvements to the weight room.  The strength coach has asked if we would help with their fundraiser to pay for the improvements.  We don’t ask our families to do a lot of fundraising, but we need to participate in this one in a big way.  Dalton Public Schools supports our program in a way that is unprecedented.  The only thing they ever ask of us is to take care of their facilities.  So, when we are asked to do something for them, we need to do it.  All of our swimmers benefit or will benefit from the use of a weight room that rivals that of many college swimming programs.  They asked us to sell 180 books in the next by Friday, May 4th.  The books cost $20.  Please get some from Coach Jason and get them sold.  They can be used in Dalton, but they can also be scanned to get electronic coupons that can be used in many locations other than Dalton.  We need everyone to get involved and show how much we appreciate the use of these facilities! Books are available for pick-up today!  Checks can be made out to DHS Iron Cats.  All money and unsold books should be returned to Jason by Friday, May 4th.

Tech Suit Ban

GA Swimming has approved a tech suit ban that will begin on September 1st.  10 and under will not be allowed to wear a tech suit at any meet.  11-12 year olds will only be allowed to wear tech suits at Divisionals, State Championships, Sectionals, Zones, and Nationals.  13 and older swimmers do not have restrictions on when they can wear tech suits.

We will be passing along some more education what constitutes a tech suit very soon.

Practice Schedules

The general practice schedules for the remainder of the school year and this summer have been posted on the website. 

Summer League

We will be taking summer swimmers all summer!  Tell you friends to come by for an evaluation.  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays at DHS 5:00 – 8:00 PM.

All of our CASL and GRPA meets have been posted online.  Please keep an eye out for some team functions.  We are planning a picnic, a Lookouts game a rafting trip, and our CCAC/Dalton Dolphins Banquet for this summer!

We will begin processing all of our year-round swimmers registration with the CASL and GRPA. If you are not swimming summer league, let us know by Thursday, May 3rd.  You should swim summer league! It’s fun! 

The CASL is using a new web platform called Swimtopia.  Once we process your registration, you will receive an email from Swimtopia.  You do not need to do anything with it unless you want to. We will run everything through the CCAC website.  The coaches are the only ones that will need to do anything with Swimtopia.

We will need a copy of every swimmer’s birth certificate for GRPA.  If you gave us one last year, we have it on file. Please get those to us ASAP.  Once the summer starts, the coaches are either on deck at practice, meets, planning practices, and doing meet lineups and entries.  This year we host City Meet, which adds a whole other layer of work on our staff.  Help us by declaring meet entries and getting those birth certificates to us early!  Thank you in advance!!!