Gator Practice Calendar Updated!


Hello Gators, 

The team calendar has been updated and you can now view your swimmer(s) practice schedules for the first week of afterschool practices through the summer season.  

Please note that if you are looking at the "General Calendar", you will NOT see each individual practice time.  You need to select your swimmer(s) roster group so that you can see their practice times.  (We did this on purpose so that you can subscribe to the "General Calendar" without having every single practice group show up on your calendar should you want to subscribe to the "General Calendar".)

You can also subscribe to your swimmer(s) practice calendars by following the directions under the "subscribe" button.  You will be prompted to select the calendars you want to subscribe to; General Calendar (for meets and team events) and any roster group calendar you need.  You will get a pop-up window with the URLs of the calendars you selected and you can then copy and paste those into your own personal online calendar software.  

Now if this process of subscribing poses a challenge for you, I would suggest asking a tech savvy friend or possibly your swimmer (if they are old enough and have reached that annoying phase of being smarter than you in EVERYTHING!) for assistance.  Technology not your thing, just use the calendar dates to update your personal planner or fridge calendar as needed.  

Looking forward to a great season that begins in just over a month!