Final Notes before Time Trials (AND Other Important Info)

Are we ready???  YES, WE ARE! (or will be, we hope...).  Heat Sheets are ready!  And a few valuable pieces of information to get you pointed in the right direction for Pizza/Cheer and Time Trials.  Also, please note that there is PRACTICE at COM tomorrow due but NO PRACTICE at REDWOOD tomorrow due to Pizza/Cheer.  Whoo Hoo!

Pizza Cheer

When is it?  Tomorrow! Where is it?  Redwood Cafeteria which is across the green grassy area that is adjacent to the parking lot and small gym.  It starts at 5:00pm.   Lots of board members and returning families on hand to answer questions that might not be answered in this e-mail!  Looks like we will have a ton of families and swimmers of ALL AGES, which makes it oh so fun!  Click here if you still need to register.  Online Registration will close at 11:00 am tomorrow.  Remember prices go up at the door.

While there, remember to pick up or purchase team gear. Also get an update on Lap-A-Thon fundraising-- the how to's and who to's, so to speak...donations are starting to roll in.  It really is fun for the kids to raise money for their TEAM, especially with the cool online tools. 

Time Trials

Where can you find the pre-meet reports, or heat sheets?  On the website of course!  Click here to be directed to the Swim Meet>Heat Sheet page.  Here you can find all the heats for the day as well as the Events/Heats/Lanes that pertain to your swimmers--All girls listed first alphabetically, followed by all boys alphabetically.  If you are a returning family, please write that info on your swimmer's hand before arriving at the pool to help the Age Group Coordinators focus on the new families.  Remember to use a Sharpie!

What if the events my child wanted to swim are not on the heat sheets?  Coach Marie honors the desires of swimmers as long as she thinks they are swimming the strokes legally on a consistent basis (more or less).  It is very exciting to see the enthusiasm for breaststroke, butterfly, and Individual Medley and by the end of the season many of our Little Ripples will have mastered these strokes...but for now, she's asking a few to gain a little more polish before taking the plunge on these.  Feel free to have your child speak to her directly for more insight into her reasoning.

 What if events my child didn't want to swim are listed on the heat sheets? Ah, the flip side.  Time Trials is a chance for swimmers to take risks and expand horizons.  Coach Marie likes to see swimmers push out of their comfort zone on occasion.  You never know, this may be the year that your swimmer LOVES butterfly, and getting a time in it is the first step.  Swimmer really doesn't want to do it...have him/her talk to the coaches. 

How should I write the Event/Heat/Lane information on my child's hand?  This is what the information should look like on your child's hand...either hand is fine:


Remember, AGC's are happy to pass along this age old Sharpie 'art' to new families so that you too can become an expert!

When should your kids be at the meet?  Warm-ups are at 10:00 am, and our hard working cat herding (woops, I meant swimmer herding) Age Group Coordinators would like the kids there by 9:45 am so they can get them checked in before they get in the water.  Find your swimmers' age group coordinators in front of the gym...and parents, please feel free to hang out on the deck as much as you would like during the meet!  But, um, one more food or drink on the deck.

What do Age Group Coordinators do?  Our Age Group Coordinators are at the meet to help make sure our kids are checked in before the meet and lined up for their races at the right time.  Please help your child get to know his or her AGCs.  Introduce yourself to them when your child checks in Saturday morning and make sure you understand how you can help make their job easier--its best when you can get the kids to the pool deck and let the AGC's take over with lining them up. 

Who helps the 11 & Ups get to their races?  There will be AGC's for our 'tweens and teens but lets get them used to being responsible for themselves.  If you are new to the team we have a couple of age group coordinators ready to answer your questions, but if your kids are not new, please write heat/lane info on hands before coming to the meet and have the swimmers prepared to get themselves to their races on time...we know they can do it!

My Child Should be on the Heat Sheets but isn't.  What can I do?  No cause for panic.  Let me know as soon as possible and we will do what is known as a 'deck seed'.  Throughout the league, the volunteer computer meet set-up staff strive for perfection, but sometimes fall short.  We'll make it right.  Main thing is let me know as soon as possible.

My Child is on the Heat Sheets but shouldn't be.  What can I do?  Notify head age group coordinator, Kathy Slaught ( ASAP so that the AGC's know your child won't be checking in.  Additionally though, learn to decline the meet if your child will not be attending.  Remember, we assume your child will be there unless you tell us otherwise.

Where and how should volunteers check in?  If you are working Saturday's meet as a Timer, Deck Monitor, Runner, Meet Official, or Snack Bar volunteer, you are either working set up, or the first half or second half of the meet.  Please check in (at the small table near the gyms and age group coordinators) by 10:00 if you are working the 1st half so that you can get to the various pre-meet meetings by 10:15--meetings announced over PA system.  If you are working the second half of the meet, please check in prior to the end of backstroke (about when the 13-14 girls are going in the water).  We know, everyone wants to know what time the 2nd half starts...all we can do is guess.  It could start as early as 11:45 so, please be there before then to listen for the announcements.  Note that checking in ensures you get credit for your work, and working ensures our kids and community have a great meet experience!

Where should you set up your tents, sunbrellas, chairs, towels, etc.?  In the big grassy area in front of the gym.  Signage will point to best entrances to the pool for swimmers and spectators.  You might want to bring a waterproof ground can sometimes be a little wet in the morning.

Reminder:  Dogs are Not Allowed at Redwood Swim Meets

Even the cute, cuddly, well-behaved ones are not allowed at Redwood for swim meets.  Besides being against the renters rules that we agree to abide by, there are just too many unfamiliar kids and adults running around.

See YOU ALL at Pizza/Cheer! 2,4,6,8 it is sure to be GREAT!