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Long Course Meets

I just sent an email about the SVY Long Course Cup meet schedule for June 8-10th at Princeton University to the swimmers that have registered for LC training and competing.  If you haven't registered your child yet, please do by tomorrow, 6pm in order to be included in the meet entries.

The next invitational that will be posted is July 6-8th at Rutgers which will be the SVY Independence Invite.  The meet info is not available yet, but I wanted to give you the dates so that you can plan accordingly.  The commit/decline email will be going out in the next few days for that meet.

The Silver/Bronze Championships will be July 13-15, and most likely we will be assigned to the Rutgers location.  Final location TBD.

JO's will be July 26-30th at Rutgers.   As of now, this is an all ages meet.  NJ Swimming has not shared any additional info about the championships meets for the LC season.

LC Zone Championships are August 8-11 in Richmond, VA.

As meet info is received, it will be posted to our website.