BASH Update


  1. We will have regular Sunday swim practices this Sunday, We were cancelled due to a Y Staff meeting, but the meeting was canceled, so practices are on! Probably last Sunday evening practice.
  2. Swimmers 8 and under are not permitted to run around the Y alone! YMCA policy. So please don’t drop off your 8 and under off out on the sidewalk and expect them to make it to swim practices alone.
  3. Still have team pictures to pick up at the Main Desk.
  4. We still have a lot of individual awards to pick up in the Ferris Building – exercise room.
  5. We have trophies from the banquet to be picked up. In each pool at the Y.
  6. Anyone who didn’t get a AA or A championship tee-shirt, please as your coach, we have extras.
  7. Guessing Coach Amanda’s baby (girl) name!  Notebook to guess is in the Ferris building – no one has guess the name yet!
  8. Guessing when Coach Amanda’s baby will be born – lots of days and times to pick are still available.
  9. Last call for Splash Banquet RSVP, can update on Monday.
  10. Last call for anyone willing to donate to the Silent Auction at the Splash Banquet – only have a few items! Thanks to the Helds’ and Whatleys’ for their donations.